Signing Day Spectacular

Without futher ado, the 2008 WBGV Signing Day Spectacular!

OK, a little more ado: We’ll be updating the list throughout the day…
New Commitments

  • Jorge Wright, DE (Florida)
  • Tevita Finau, DE (Phoenix C.C.)
  • Ryan Clarke, FB/TE (Maryland)
  • Tyler Urban, FB/TE/DE (Pennsylvania)
  • JD Woods, WR (Florida) — Signed LOI
  • Coley White, QB (Alabama) — Hopefully, Coley and Reggie Hunt are having a sleepover tonight. I think that’s what high school kids do these days.
  • Josh Jenkins, G (West Virginia) – This is the single biggest signing we will make. That said, this also looks like good barometer for today’s success/failure. All signs point to success right now.
  • Jatavious Miller, LB (Florida)
  • Jerome Swinton, CB (Florida) — once thought to be lost, Swinton officially signed this morning.
  • Robert Sands, S (Florida) – While he is only a 2-Star he has some speed and at 6’6″ could pack on some pounds and soon pack a punch.


  • Hale signed a LOI with Pitt. Have fun playing for a team that will only go to one bowl game in the next 4 years.
  • Also, Greg Shaw has signed with LSU and Leonard Johnson has signed with Iowa State. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Iowa fucking State?” Johnson is obviously an idiot but Shaw is a big loss.
  • Reggie Hunt to Auburn and Ty Hilton to hometown Florida International. Remember when I said the Jenkins commitment would be a barometer of success today? I was wrong.
  • The Sands signing is huge, literally, but losing Shaw, Hunt, Johnson, and Hilton are big blows.
  • It appears that we won’t get any big time “switches” with this class but nonetheless it is shaping up to be pretty damn good list. Shaw still baffles me because I thought he would “feel” more comfortable at WVU. Dang…
  • Jenkins is a BAMF. He walked into his presser with a Michigan hat and then threw it into the crowd. HELL YEAH
  • Did anyone see where Pryor said “Michigan Univeristy” at his press conference to announce that he wasn’t going to announce today.
  • Randall Dunn signed with VTech.
  • Benji Kemoeatu, OL (Hawaii) From this article it appears as if he has “committed” to WVU but there is still no news on his LOI.

Likely To Sign

  • Aki Vakalahi (JC — Arizona)

Somewhere Between 75/25 and 25/75:

  • Martavious Odoms, WR (Florida)

Need A Late Push:

  • Benji Kemoeatu, OL (Hawaii)

61 Responses

  1. Hey guys, what rankings do you use? Scout or Rivals? Is one used more than the other? It seemed like Rivals’ rankings were a bit higher, but Sands is only a two star on there, while a three star on Scout. Just curious.

  2. Whichever site I’m looking at that second is the one I will go with most of the time. No real consistency, kinda like my golf game.

    That rating was from Rivals.

    According to WBGV ratings we have only received LOI’s from 5-Star guys and have the Number 1 recruiting class in the nation.

  3. Steve slaton was a 2 star and Pat White was a 3 star. These ranking don’t mean shit! I look at the stats and the quality of opponnets that these kids play. That being said: WE ARE HAVING A HUGE DAY! BEFORE YOU GIVE ALL THE APPLUDING TO STEW AND THE STAFF (THEY DID DO A GREAT JOB). HOWEVER, NOEL DEVINE AND PAT WHITE HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST TOOL, BY HOSTING DAMN NEER ALL OF OUR RECRUITS!

  4. I assume you mean the literal meaning for “tool”, rather than the negative, slang connotation…

  5. lowerlev, I agree that the rankings don’t mean much, see this story on my blog
    But, I was just curious because let’s face it , most magazines and media outlet only have these “star” ratings to look at to evaluate a class, and it appeared there is no reason to use either Scout or Rivals, unless of course they are the ones paying your bill!

    Agree completely that this is a great class!

  6. After reading the update, I renege my comment about a great class to it being a good class.

  7. Benji Kemoeatu – I’m pretty sure I just read on ESPN that he was staying in Hawaii.

    Also read that a Georgia recruit decided to go to Marshall instead?! WTF is he thinking? Georgia – Marshall???? There really is no choice there in my humble opinion.

  8. Tenuta probably chose Marshall because they’ve signed or have verbals from a shitload of Georgia players. They should be poised to be coming out of the uncharacteristic building years between Snyder and Pruitt, and they did have five players in the Super Bowl this year.

    I usually don’t say anything when you guys dog Marshall because I know they are a rival. I attended both schools and I support both schools. I can get a chuckle out of a WVU to Marshall slam just as much as I get a chuckle out of a Marshall to WVU slam.

  9. File this under things that make you go hmmm…

    Star Jackson and David Sims haven’t signed LOI’s yet.

    Just saying.

  10. No sound on this but here is JJ throwing the scUM hat…

  11. WVU v. Marshall is as big a rivalry as WVU v. Washington & Jefferson.

    You have to win something to make it a rivalry.

    No chance at getting either Star or Sims.

  12. anybody have any info about these two guys yet
    Aki Vakalahi (JC — Arizona)
    Tevita Finau, DE (Phoenix C.C.)
    I think if we get both of these guys it will be huge for this years class

  13. heard that those 2 supposed to be signing @ 3pm…not sure what time zone though.

  14. The Phoenix guys were supposed to be doing some type of presser around 3 p.m. EST. All signs point to both of these Phoenix guys and Courtney Stuart committing to WVU.

    Aki won’t be eligible until January of 09 though.

  15. Didn’t Eugene Hilton sign with Flordia International. Why is he still in our likely to sign catagory ???

  16. Him signing with FIU is under the updates but not removed from likely to sign because I’m an idiot thanks for the heads-up though.


  18. Buzzard Billy,

    You state typical bullshit from a Marshall fan/grad or whatever you are. Let me sum up your program fuckface!

    1. Pruitt left you in ruins. You stupid fucks are to retarded to realize it.

    2. No matter how many recruits you get (2-3 star players.) Know that typically you usually only qualify 15% of those players. If they were able to qualify than they would be offered scholarships from major programs.

    3. You stupid Fuckers cling to the NFL draftees. Who fucking cares? Also please name the 5 players from marshall who played in the superbowl. I only count 2 that played. Since we are giving pointless knowledge than you should look up who has the most active nfl players on rosters. You get real bored check the all time NFL players. You’ll find both to be discouraging.

    4. You will never play for a national championship! What do you play for anyway? CUSA titles!

    Know that your program is garbage and will continue to be garbage as you scurry the nation for juco’s and prop 48’s. Keep recruiting the Bernie Morris talent!

    Please don’t pretend to be a mounty. And please go back to huntington and continue to lick your fathers taint.

    P.S. Also eat shit and die, for ruining are strength of schedule, year in and year out.


  20. Lowerlev,

    The players:

    As to the rest of your useless drivel, I can and do support whomever I want. I see no conflict in that. But, all the same, thanks for sharing.


  22. Lowerlev,

    I am a die hard WVU fan and alum, and your needless, angry post embarrasses me. Is your life really that bad that you worry about Marshall in February? Your anger just fuels the needless Marshall/WVU fire and supports the argument that Marshall is our rival (which is not true). Please learn how to spell and how to use proper grammar before you tell the whole world you are a Mountaineer fan, it really irks those of us who went to WVU and actually know how to read and write.

    Go Mountaineers!

  23. Buzzard Billy,

    I’ll be sure to file that page in the trash can. Of course I did say how many played in the Super bowl. “Played” being the keyword. But really who cares?

    The only reason why you are here, is because most of your fan base has a second team (knowing marshall is done and WVU is still playing). Every year I see Marshall fan wearing OSU sweatshirt or a UF jacket or some apparell item of whomever is continuing to play after november. You want to be a mounty fan then remember this:

    There is no such thing as a house divided. Loyalty and pride make a WVU fan.

  24. finau and stewart signed.

  25. I’m watching Coach Stew’s press conference…and he sold me on every player that has signed. They all sound like five star athletes to me.

    I’m so glad that Doc is at West Virginia – it sounds like he hasn’t stopped working since he got hired. I think I also underestimated how big of a recruiter Coach Stew was before – I really think he was the man for the job. He gets to know the players and they in-turn want to play and win for hihm.

  26. This is a nice class with those 2 late day additions (Finau, Stuart). This could be the beginning of a west coast pipeline.

    Wait til DOC has a entire year.

  27. Lowerlev, You’ll be so old that your nads grow into knee-knockers before I to let some anonymous typer on the internet tell me the when’s and how’s and who’s of fanhood. I didn’t come here to slam anyone. I come because I am a fan. I did answer a question about why a Georgia player might find Marshall a good fit for him. That’s all.

    That doesn’t negate my experiences as a Mountaineer fan one iota.

    Did you get to stand on the 50-yard line of Old Mountaineer Fied (between Woodburn Circle and Sunnyside)?

    How many times did you see John Denver perform “Country Roads” live at a Mountaineer Football game?

    When I was in school I hung out with quite a few of the players because I’d been stuck in Towers where they also lived. And you?

    Yes. I said something nice about Marshall. Grow up and deal with it.

  28. For that matter, Lowerlev, have you ever even seen a real aftergame Sunnyside riot complete with cars being turned over and couches being sat on fire, or did you just hear about the legends of what it used to be like?

  29. I’m kind of dissapointed in not pulling a single coup and lack of skill guys, but solid day. Sures up the D next year, and we have enough offensive talent to have a down year…i hope.

    I like Doc, but saying ‘wait till he has an entire year”?……he had 16 years from 83-99, and while solid, we weren’t a top 10 program by any means.



  31. Is Aki Vakalahi signing or what?????????????????

  32. he isnt till 2009 anyways

  33. Hey Buzz you’re still cool with me if that means anything.

    Keep on coming back we don’t even care if you are WVU and Michigan fan at the same time just so you love the Mountaineers you are more than welcome.

  34. Buzzardbilly

    27 years as a season ticket holder. Bachelor degree and on the board of the alumni association. So yes, I qualify to rip your balls off and shove up your unloyal ass.

    Driving up to Mo-town on the weekends that Marshall is playing away doesn’t make you a mountaineer.

    I guess next I can one up the situation and question your man hood. But I’m sure you will tell me a story about how you used to bang girls back in the day on the 50 yard line while john Denver performed live acoustics as Bobby Bowden and Don Nehlen masterbate to the beautiful sight of you getting laid!

    Sorry Charley and 5th year! Don’t mean to bring down the signing day with my love for marshall fan!

    25314: Yeah but that was before Doc spent some time in the talent wealth state of oranges.

  35. 25314 – I think the staff was trying to fill the holes that RR had put less emphasis on over the past couple years. There is plenty of skill players in the pipeline currently.

    I look for WR’s to be #1 on the ‘get’ list next year.

    All in all, I give the class four out of five stars.

  36. Honestly lowerlev and buzz this isn’t a pissing contest to see who is the bigger fan. That is just an ignorant and stupid argument that cannot be won by anyone with a brain. So shake it twice pull up your pants and get over it….don’t forget to zip up too you wouldn’t want to let the horse out of barn walking down the street.

    By the way I’m biggest fan on this site because I have a flying WV tatt’d on my head under my flowing gold and blue locks of hair and had sex in a PRT car with 3 WVU cheerleaders, at the 50 yard line of Mountaineer Field, while holding a WVU pom-pom, wearing a coonskin cap, singing the fight song, drinking a beer, lighting a couch on fire with my left foot, and writing a check the 1100 club with my right foot. HA beat that

  37. Wow. I only had sex with 2 cheerleaders.

  38. …wait. There was a PRT car sitting on the 50 yard line?

  39. “That is just an ignorant and stupid argument that cannot be won by anyone with a brain.”

    You freaking love it 5th year. If it wasn’t for my banter with buzz, you would only have 4 other people on your blog today.

    There’s no peacemakers in college football.


  40. In case you didn’t read my post I mounted up 3 cheerleaders, thank you very much

    I also wasn’t saying stop just giving my opinion about the slap fight that was going on.

  41. All you need is love, love is all you need….

  42. Um, lowerlev, you can question my manhood all you like because I’m a girl. LMMFAO. Thanks for playing. I’ll still keep being a fan without your permission all the same.

    Thanks 5thyearsenior. I am in awe of your 3-cheerleader conquest. I will never be a Michigan fan. There’s a post on my blog called Michigan Man that explains all of that. Been there. Met those people. Don’t like them one bit.

  43. Where is the Terrence Kerns LOI!

  44. Hey buzz,

    Since your a girl, than show us your tits!

    LMMFAO, LOL, BFF = You are definetely female.

    5th year,

    You were wrong! If it was a pissing contest, I surely would win now. Unless of course buzzardbilly is a wallet wearing butch!

    Hey buzz give me your blog address to confirm you sex.

    Kerns is good as gold! Don’t worry about him signing . Worry about him qualifying!

  45. Lowerlev, notice the underline on my name? That’s because it links to my website. Welcome to the internets.

  46. PS. No wallet, all squat here, but I can leave quite the large stain on the ground.

  47. Ok, this is just getting sick…

  48. I haven’t seen this much mindless bickering since the day Bamers and Burners invaded this blog to argue over who had a dirtier program.

  49. “Lowerlev, notice the underline on my name? That’s because it links to my website. Welcome to the internets.”

    Thanks for introducing me to the “internets”.

    Maybe later when you put your wallet down you can teach me html code or maybe even train me in SQL database.

    Highly unlikely you could teach me anything, being that I am a web designer. But I will let you teach me how to cook, clean, shop, watch oprah (in your case Rosie)and talk on the phone.

    But I’m not sure if butches do that!

  50. and here I thought 48 comments might provide some insight into the recruiting situation – why don’t you all exchange email addresses and continue your flame war off the board? maybe challenge each other to some indian leg wrestling?

  51. Amen, JP!!! This is why I don’t like the rivals boards…too much time spent on talking trash with trollers. Any more info on recruits?

  52. Glad to see everything went to shit while I was at work.

    This will not happen again. Seriously, I don’t have time for this shit. I didn’t start this site to have people bicker back and forth. If I wanted to read that bullshit, I would post on message boards.

    I am 100% for commenting, but those comments better add something to the discussion or have a link to a naked woman. Those are the two acceptable options.

    We are in the process of completely revamping this site. When that happens, commenting will be much better contained so things like this can’t happen. Until then, behave yourselves.

    Oh, and lowerlev, check the right column, towards the bottom. You’ll see we’ve had around 380,000 visitors to this site. That’s counted since December 1. Trust me when I say that more than 4 people were on this site today.

  53. i personally have logged on 375,000 times. i developed a trigger finger syndrome and had to have a surgical release for one of my flexor tendons.


  55. lowerlev,

    taking it a bit far in the bashing of buzzarbilly, are we? someone brings in an objective point of view, and you suddenly go the attack? you sound more like a Boston College fan instead of a WVU one, that’s what your posting reminds me of.

  56. We should all leave well enough alone and focus on the recruiting class. Seriously people take the bashing to the message boards. I tried to difuse the situation with humor but as usual I failed miserably at the humor.

  57. I’m so glad that I’m one of the four readers of this blog.

    You people need to grow up. Although there was a ton solved with this argument, I must say.

  58. Personally, I tried to not bash or take it too seriously. I’ll be a good girl now.

    I’m tickled pink if we get Kemoeatu, like the article says.

  59. anyone else see that tool on sportscenter said we were one of the biggest disappointments? straight ignorance

  60. Thank god this brouhaha is over as it is way past our bedtime and we can’t sit for more than fifty posts at a time. . .however we did enjoy the story about the PRT car on the 50-yard line 5th year senior.

  61. Thanks, Charlie and 5thyear. I love this site. An d 5th year – you did a good job of diffusing, but I think it was indiffusable – yes, sometimes I make up my own words. Buzz – I knew I liked you for a reason.
    Lowerlev – I hope your medication kicked in.

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