“Beat Pitt!” Seriously, Do It.


13 Responses

  1. I cannot begin to describe how much hatred and contempt I have for Pitt … Everything about Pitt … I do hate Pitt now, and tomorrow, and for eternity. BEAT PITT!!! 12/01/2007

  2. Ha ha! The Pitt students are holding up the football score, 13-9. One has it upside down. Typical.

    Hey, Smally has 2 rebounds and a 3 already. He can take the rest of the game off now.


    Smalligan has a rebound and a 3 in the first two minutes BREAK OUT GAME!!

  4. I LOVE our new gold uniforms! We’re going to look good when we beat Pitt!

  5. Uh oh. The shots aren’t falling so far. The big floppy shorts may be causing some aerodynamic problems.

  6. I love the uniforms too they’re sharp. I’m getting me a pair of them shorts.

  7. I hate the Oakland Zoo & the stupid “13-9” signs they are holding!

  8. Ha ha! Blair missed a dunk!

  9. Ha ha! Blair missed a layup!

  10. Ha ha! Blair missed [fill in shot here]!

  11. We can NOT hit a free throw. How many games? We suck.

  12. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Are you goddamn kidding me

  13. How many games have I witnessed involving WVU losing on the last shot? TOO MANY TO COUNT!!!!!!

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