If You’re Always On TV Talking About It…

…how can we possibly move on?


Seriously, this is how we move on:

  1. Pay the $4 million buyout as you are contractually obligated to do; and
  2. Stop talking about WVU.

You are the head coach at Michigan. You have much bigger fish to fry — like the fact that you have no starting QB — than to keep talking about West Virginia.

But if you stay on TV, if you stay constantly in the press talking about WVU, well, we are forced to talk about you, too. It’s not something we want to do, but you’re forcing our hand. I would much rather be talking about our newest recruiting class, just like you should want to talk about your newest recruiting class. Hell, you even have to coach them; we just have to get drunk and watch our players.

Just move on, Rich. You pay the buyout, we’ll never talk about you again on this site. We swear. Sure, we might bask in the failures of Michigan football — and trust me, there will be plenty — but the WVU/Rich Rodriguez chapter of our lives will be closed.

We swear.


West BY GOD Virginia

PS: Even 5th Year Senior.


40 Responses

  1. I’d agree with that statement.

  2. All of these stories originate from folks affiliated with RR or his agent – isn’t that remarkable?

  3. waw waw waw! he is still emotional about it! We arnt!
    I cant wait till Sept ! We are going to Kick Ass again!
    LETS GO!

  4. I love Rich’s Hillary moment.

  5. I love how he looks off carmera to no doubt see Mike Brown telling him to up the emotion and force some of those crocodile tears.

  6. If he was really worried about his family, he would left WV the right way. He would pay what he owes. He would be a man and admit his mistakes and move on.

  7. either that or he saw the empty locker he reserved for t. pryor….

  8. Who the fuck is Rich Rodriguez????


  9. Its Old News…I am bored to “tears” with him.

  10. A. How could ESPN’s crack reporters miss asking the obvious question: Rich, if you had a clause in your Tulane contract that said they owed you $4M if they didn’t pick you to follow Bowden, would you have expected to collect?

    B. Wonder which soap opera actor crying trick he used when he puts his fingers beneath his nose just before the off-camera squint to bring the tears: onion juice or mace?

    Pay up. Shut up. Play ball.

  11. Keep getting tidbits of info about ‘recruiting antics’ from some big ten schools about ARR. Anyone have more?

  12. I wish he knew, how little anyone outside of michigan cares about his tears. He is such an ego maniac that he thinks he is a big story, and he isnt and wont be until he either fails misserably or wins a natl. championship. Im banking on the former.

  13. MOUNTAINEERS!! <— That was for you BC

    I’m so over it I won’t point out the fact that he went back to I’m a Michigan man instead of saying WVU forced me out because they wouldn’t take away a five buck fee for high school coaches.

    I also won’t point out the fact that he keeps talking about it. Look at WV papers recently and what they aren’t writing about….RICH. They are writing about the basketball team sucking at foul shots. Pittsburgh and ESPN keep talking about. I just want to say shut the fuck up. I feel a things that make me want to throw my shoe tomorrow….

  14. “But if you stay on TV, if you stay constantly in the press talking about WVU, well, we are forced to talk about you, too. It’s not something we want to do, but you’re forcing our hand.”

    The above is a bunch of baloney. I heard somewhere that Mountaineers are Always Free. No one is “forcing” anyone to talk about this. Has someone chained your nuts to the internet? Is there a gun to your head? Nope. So the real conclusion is that you somehow like this kind strife. You like to wallow in your own pathos. This pseudo-martyrdom makes you feel righteous. About RR’s kids: considering some of the comments around here, I believe him. Considering that someone tracked down where his kids are enrolled in school…I believe him. Is RR any more sicko than the fans? Probably not.

    And telling RR to move on just smacks of hypocrisy. The reality is that moving on is easy…IF you want.

  15. ~c. or should I say Mike Brown DUCK…..SCHALAP you just got hit with a shoe bitch.

    If he is so scared for his kids the easy solution is to pull them out of WV schools and put them where he is “domiciled.”

    Don’t give me any shit about it is the middle of the school year I changed schools in the middle of the year when I was younger. Hell Michigan schools may be better than WV schools.

    He can end this by being a man and living up to the contract he signed. We are over it, but we aren’t Jesus Christ and don’t turn the other cheek when we get smacked in the face. We fight for what we believe in.

  16. 5thyearwhorefusestograduateandentertherealworld: Why do you care where his kids go to school? Your obsession over this issue is down-right scary. I can actually see you losing sleep over this. Golly, how pathetic. In fact, I think this over-the-top, I-actually-beleive-that-this-is-important mentality actually DISQUALIFIES you as a WVU fan. It’s become about you and your right to cry.

    So, I won’t give you any s**t, but I will give you some free advice: put down the mouse, turn off the monitor, go outside and breathe in the fresh air (take a scarf cause it’s cold) and realize that the world HAS moved on from this matter. Realize that you can be free of the ulcers you are giving yourself over RR. Realize that in the end, it doesn’t even matter. Realize that no one was ever REALLY dedicated to you, the fan…they just wanted your money and they got it and they’re not giving it back. That’s the price for wanting to be “big-time” you get used. But rest assured, life has gone on. So come down off the cliff…it’ll be okay.

  17. YAWN ….

    Mike Brown, don’t you have anything better to do than post comments on WVU blogs?

  18. Maybe ‘~c’ stands for Crypt Keeper?

  19. ~c:
    To answer your question, the reason why it matters where RR’s kids go to school is because RR keeps claiming they are receiving “death threats” in WV. As a responsible parent, if in fact your child were to receive a death threat, would you not 1) FILE A POLICE REPORT and 2) given the opportunity, move them to a “safer” environment?!? I think so… this is why WV fans are “concerned” with where his kids go to school. We don’t believe his round-the-clock sob stories when they are unsubstantiated by factual information, and we are tired of him forcing his way into the media to disseminate them.

    At the risk of getting yelled at by Charley, I’m just going to leave it at that.

  20. The fact remains that nobody from the WVU administration is going to ESPN wanting an interview to cry on national TV. In fact some are even avoiding the ESPN Outside the Lines piece because they want this story to be over.

    This interview was a move by Fraud to drum up sympathy and try to get out of paying us $4 million.Fraud is trying to get sympathy and using his children to do it. That my friend is a sad state of affairs.

    Tilda C period, I enjoyed many nice walks this weekend with my dog Major and never once thought about Fraud. I did think “I hope nobody saw Major leave a load in that persons yard.” Also, if I put down the mouse and keyboard what would have to yell about it.

  21. Question: If people are threatening kids and other, why do the cops not get involved? If it were my kids, I would be at the police station every morning. That’s why I think he’s full of shit.

  22. 5–
    **It seems to me that blogs like this are participating in keeping the story going. I can understand why the Admin wants this story to be over. But I am not convinced that you (WBGV collectively) wants it to be over. If you did, you would have moved on to other things, which you have always been free to do.
    **RR’s $4M won’t be going to “us”. You won’t see a dime of it.
    **To think that no one ever harassed his kids is naive. This blog has considered it acceptable to go after the man’s family (by making fun of his wife). Am I saying that you directly harassed his kids? No. But you have perpetuated an environment of hostility that makes harassment of his kids seem plausible. As far as what RR should do about it…it’s his perrogative (sp) to place his kids where he wishes and to handle harassment in the way he sees fit.
    **”Tilda” I never knew it was called that…thanks for the info.

  23. Nothing makes harrassment of a child more plausible than continuing to leave the child in the environment where you thing the child is being harrassed.

    When I was a child, my mom overheard my little league cheerleading instructor say something to me that she felt was over the line (never knew what). Mom immediately called that woman on the carpet for it, then pulled me off the field mid-game and took me home. It’s called protecting your child, which (as you can see) is totally different from and more effective than leaving the child to deal with it himself or herself while crying to journalists about it. You see, journalists aren’t in charge of protecting kids. Parents, the school board, and police are.

  24. Sorry guys. I will stop now. It’s just that the argument has such flawed logic I couldn’t resist point it out.

  25. Sorry, I’m late to the party. Yes, it’s terrible that his kids, neices, and nephews are being treated bad, but RR brought this on himself for the way he went about it.

  26. If he’s so horrible, then WVU fans should be glad he’s gone, right?

    Any coach would leave WVU for MICH. Small time to big time.

  27. I am glad he is gone and love Stew and West “By God” Virginia!!!!!!

    You should fear the rod because he is going to stick it right up your poo hole when he can’t go .500 in the Big 11.

  28. Look out, the michigan trolls are coming out of the woodwork.

  29. It looks like he has been taking lessons from Hillary Clinton on how to show emotional side. Life could really be worse for ole Fraudriguez, right? Just think, Mike Tyson could have threatened to eat his children.

    I really don’t have any ill feelings against the rest of his family. From what I understand his momma thinks he is a fool and Rita cried all the way to Michigan. The real sad part is that Rich really doesn’t understand the depth of betrayal he commited. He intentionally lied, deceived, stole recruits, verbally bashed and abandoned his extended Mountaineer family. But, in his eyes is it was just about getting another job and that’s why it is so pittyful.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Rita divorce his sorry butt. Wouldn’t it be ironic to see her leave him and come back to Morgantown and plant her flag back on Mountaineer holy ground. I would welcome her home as a Mountaineer herion. I might even go as far as to call her a patron saint of wvu alumni for such a selfless sacrfice. Of course such a move would free ole Richie Rich to pursure better opportunities like young pregnant cheerleaders. Or so I’ve heard.

  30. Richy is a crybaby, a west virginian sheding some tears on youtube, leave rod alone, funny stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/WVGameDay


  32. If his kids are being threatened (and he’s apparently not doing anything about it, except crying in public) let’s just hope that they have more backbone and less wussy tendencies than he does.

    And the next person who says “Get over it, WVU – you’ll never get him back, ” is going to get 5th year’s spaniel sneakers hidden in the glove box of his car (they should be pretty ripe by now). Oh, whoops, I guess I just made a death threat – my bad.

  33. Get over it WVU – you’ll never get him back.

  34. ~c., I’ve always suspected you had a thing for 5thyearsenior and a shoe fetish. Nice to see your dreams collide 🙂

  35. Try reality birdbrain.

  36. The reality is we don’t want him back…..get it? That IS the reality, dumbass. Just want the money – don’t care if it goes in the admin’s collective pockets.

  37. Hmmm…you don’t want him back…but you can’t stop talking about him. You “want” to move on but even though you can, you don’t. You make fun of RR for crying, but as soon as your hypocrisy is exposed you…spout off like you’re still in 9th grade (i.e. cry). Who’s the dumbass again?

  38. Tilda,

    I would like to direct your attention to the other wonderful posts on this board for your reading enjoyment. And just wait for the boobs later today. Oh and BTW Marissa Miller made the cover of the SI Swimsuit issue. SOOOOOOO hot, want to touch the hinney…



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