Marshall Hoping For New Commitment

HUNTINGTON — Marshall head coach Mark Snyder has already announced his recruiting class for 2008, but that doesn’t mean there are not any surprises left. Snyder, just 12-23 through three tumultuous seasons at Marshall, feels there is one marquee recruit left on the Herd’s radar.

“Yes, we’re absolutely still involved in the recruitment of Kevin Hart,” said Snyder. “We came into the process late, but it was a big shot in the arm when he didn’t sign anywhere on Signing Day. We feel it’s a real testament to the strength and allure of the Marshall program.”

Hart, now nationally infamous, fabricated his entire recruitment by several high-ranking division I programs. The ruse came to a head last Tuesday, when Hart staged a ceremony in his high school gymnasium where he officially “committed” to the University of California. In the week that’s passed, he has admitted to making the whole thing up.

Snyder, though, seemed oblivious to these facts.

“We’re going to keep after it,” continued Snyder. “With legit offers from Cal, Oregon, Illinois, and Colorado, among others, this would be a real coup Marshall. It would really show the country what we’re doing here in Huntington.”

Hart, when he first confessed to the fabrication, told the assembled reporters that he had, in fact, received zero division I offers. He now reluctantly admits he was offered a full scholarship to Marshall back in November.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t even count that as a real offer,” said Hart. “To me, it was less embarrassing to stage a commitment ceremony, accept a fake offer to a Pac-10 school, and become a national laughingstock than to accept a real offer to Marshall.”


5 Responses

  1. You can’t be serious?

  2. And you can’t be serious in asking if this is serious.

  3. And in other news, uber-agent Mike Brown announced that he’s got a job waiting on Mike Hart if it doesn’t work out with the Blundering Herd. Mike Brown, you see, takes a shine to con artists with no sense of reality.

  4. My only question about this whole thing is, what did he think was goign to happen when he showed up on campus?

  5. You need to photo shop a marshall hat in that pic! Well done anyway!

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