You Love Us, You Really Love Us!

A few weeks ago, we asked you — our loyal readers — to nominate us for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Well, apparently you listened, as we were nominated for both Best New Blog and Best Big East Blog. Considering we’ve only been on the scene since August, being nominated for any award feels like a huge coup. So, thanks.

Voting starts later today has officially begun over at EDSBS, which is limited to either bloggers or the CFB Awards committee. So while you can’t directly vote for us, hopefully you’ll stay tuned to the process.

Again, thanks for all your support — you fucking rule!


4 Responses

  1. Nice nominations, I went over and voted for you guys too.

  2. w00t

  3. No, you guys fucking rule – this is the best place to get real, inside, honest-to-God, the same damn way I think and feel information – Good Luck!

  4. I voted, I have a site (don’t know if it will qualify as a blog) but hopefully it will

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