Happy Birthday Owen Schmitt


We here at WBGV would like wish Owen Schmitt a Happy Birthday. Of course, when Owen was born the only one that cried was the doctor because you never slap Owen Schmitt.

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Fiesta Bowl


13 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday to Owen!

    One of the best Mountaineers to ever walk the field.

  2. Happy Birthday!! We’ll be watching for you in the NFL.

  3. Greatest Mountaineer Ever!

  4. Happy Birthday Owen. We’re gonna miss you a ton, but we’re so damn proud of all you’ve done for us here in West Virginia. It doesn’t matter where you were born, you’ll ALWAYS be a West Virginian and we’re so proud to call you a Mountaineer. Now, go roll some heads in the NFL and let them know what you’re all about! Good luck.

  5. Happy Birthday, Owen! You represent the best of everything the mountaineers stand for. We’ll be watching for you in the NFL!

  6. There’s a universe where Owen Schmitt is one of the greatest Mountaineers ever, it’s just not this one.

    Look, don’t get me wrong, Owen Schmitt was a fine player and a key cog to the success over the past couple of years, but he was most certainly not one of the greatest players to ever wear the Mountaineer uniform. Sorry.

    Just this year’s team alone, there were three players who will be remembered as a better player when their career is over (White, Slaton and Devine. White and Slaton are well past him already and Devine will blow by him next year).

  7. Stiles, dude, there is always room fo more.

  8. Glad to see you back Stiles. Were there no NBA games tonight??

  9. Gotta love the Schmitt, Stiles. Save the nay for another day. Owen rules!!!

  10. It’s not just Owen’s playing, it’s his love of WVU and the game, his overall charisma that makes him so well liked I’d say Happy Birthday to Pat White, but I don’t know when it is.

  11. Happy Birthday Owen! We’ll miss you like hell, but we’re all looking forward to seeing you on Sundays next year!

  12. Owen, Happy Birthday dude!!! You rock and good luck in the NFL. I hope somehow that the Baltimore Ravens draft you so I can watch you on Sundays.

    Stiles, you don’t get it. Owen is the prototypical MOUNTAINEER. Nothing ever came easy for him, he had to work hard for everything he got. HE EARNED IT and that is what Mountaineer Football has been since I have been around it since 1981 and that goes for ALL Mountaineer sports. We have never had the “Best” Athletes at WVU but have had some of the hardest working athletes ever and that is what Owen Schmitt exemplifies. Work hard, keep your nose clean, never give up, set goals and you will achieve them.

  13. Owen has moved into my top 3 Mountaineers of all time and I’m 47 years old and have seen a pile of great Mountaineers. He is what football is about. He will be sorely missed, and always revered and welcomed as a True Mountaineer.

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