Trashy V-Day


No, V-Day doesn’t stand for the day in junior high school that Patrick Beilein contracted his first venereal disease (which, ironically, coincided with him shaving his arms and legs and going to the tanning bed for the first time), nor does it stand for Valentine’s Day, the day invented by women to display how badly they have 5th Year Senior their man whipped.

No, V-Day is VICTORY day.

All it takes for the Mountaineers to finally win a game is to play a completely inferior opponent in the Coliseum.  (Rumor has it, the roof of the Coliseum will be painted pink to give a Valentine’s Day cupcake feel for the game tonight.)

Now, I don’t advise betting on the line.  WVU is favored by 18.5 points.  For a team scoring 55 points per game for the past month, WVU would theoretically have to hold Rutgers to 37-ish points to cover.

However, I would advise never going to New Jersey.  I would slit my wrists with a rusted nail and move to Huntington before I would live in that trash filled garbage dump.

So pop the collar on your candy striped shirt, touch up that spray on tan, blow back your hair, get some Jeagerbombs ready, and gather round the Envy bar with your boyyys.  Because WVU, unlike the Refuge Department in New Jersey, is going to take out the trash tonight.

Happy V-Day.


14 Responses

  1. Hey now!!!! Where do you think a lot of those little WVU hotties come from!!! The great state of New Jersey.

  2. It’s V-Day, can we get some pics of hot chicks?!

  3. No WVU hotties come from new jersey… jersey girls are bleached out orange skinned midgets. I have never met anyone I liked from jersey, including you

  4. demosthenes.or.locke,

    Sounds good. I’m sorry my friends from Jersey beat you up when you lived in Towers and banged that girl you had the crush on

  5. i doubt any fags from jersey beat anybody up and the only people they banged are sluts from jersey. i laugh my ass off everytime i see one of those orangeatangs running around like their untouchable

  6. Hoboken
    If that did actually happen, we can just chalk it up to roid rage and the fact that NJ boys spend all their time at the gym (and tanning bed and Envy) rather than doing something productive with their lives.

  7. Hobo

    I want to make fun of Jersey so bad but my better judgment and the fact that it is Valentine’s Day is making me bite my tongue.

    So, have a happy Valentine’s Day and don’t rape anyone…couldn’t resist

  8. for all my mounties out their heres the guide on how to build an orangeatang guido fag from jersey

    copy and paste this

  9. for all my mounties there here’s how you build an orangeatang guido from jersey

  10. Country Roads – I think it would be a safe bet it was roid rage.

    5th Year – I never rape on Valentine’s day. Or Easter and Christmas for that matter.

    Seriously though I realize that some of our WVU Jersey students leave a lot to be desired but don’t judge all of us by the actions of a few. I remember some inbred looking, overall wearing freaks from WV on my floor at Towers but I would never assume that was representative of the whole state. (Just Huntington)

  11. Hobo you’re absolutely correct, there are some quality kids at WVU from Jersey but as always it is the bad apples that stick in your memory. Broad generalizations are funny

  12. 5th year, no one loves generalizations and stereotyping more than I do.

    PS Huntington sucks

  13. I’m from Jersey, and I went to WVU to get away from those people! I could have went to Rutgers if I wanted to see Jersey folks. Had a great time while at WVU, but damn there were too many people from NJ here.

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