Gridiron Bash Bust…


Are you shitting me? Dwight Yoakam, Dwight “fucking” Yoakam…sigh

I thought the point of the Gridiron Bash was to sell tickets and get MORE people out to the Gold-Blue game. This is not an appealing concert for WVU students or a majority of our fanbase. I love country music but Dwight Yoakam hasn’t been relevant in 10+ years. Brad Paisley is from this state. Did anyone from MSL Sports and Entertainment ever think to give him a call, flippin’ IDIOTS.

Yoakam couldn’t even sell out the CAC my second senior year and now you bring him in as the headliner for the first concert EVER at Mountaineer Field. Gridiron Bash Bust you really dropped the ball on this one. Send him to UK that is where he was freaking born, maybe he has two fans in that state.

A loyal reader put it perfectly when she stated:

WVU’s concert in conjunction with the GI Bash will likely overwhelmingly undersell tickets as compared to schools with more current talent. By showcasing DY, not only does WVU not have a chance to win the competition (they likely didn’t before but this shoots it all to hell), but poor ticket sales in the first year could cause WVU not to be invited to participate next year if it becomes an annual event.

All I have to say is DUCK….SCHALAP SCHALAP SCHALAP SCHALAP MSL Sports and Entertainment you just got hit with a plethora of shoes. I will be at the Gold-Blue game, in my new gold pants, but I’m not going to see this ass-clown.


45 Responses

  1. I certainly hope that WVU is getting a healthy sum of money for promoting this dude’s come-back. He should be paying all those that attend!

  2. Doyle: Hey is this the kind of retard that drools and rubs shit in his hair and all that, ’cause I’m gonna have a hard time eatin’ ’round that kind of thing now. Just like I am with antique furniture and midgets. You know that, I can’t so much as drink a damn glass of water around a midget or a piece of antique furniture.

  3. Listening to him would be the real life equivalent to what happened to him in Sling Blade….just bury that blade deeply into my skull.

  4. I think the concert/ Gridiron Bash thing is a great idea, and I have gone to the last 6 out 7 spring games, but DY was a terrible choice…I just don’t know if the numbers will ever show up for a our spring game. Last year wasnt so good, it was actually snowing and the team didn’t even sign autographs (which will make a lot of people who bring their kids stay at home). I know in year’s past the weather has been fantastic (usually my first sunburn of the season) and attendance still never went too far over 10/15,000. I am baffled that Bama can get 90,000 for their game and we struggle to get 10,000. I doubt the concert association would have pushed it much over 20,000 if they had managed to get a universally known/current performer.

    Enough of my Friday rant. Bring on the Pirates.

  5. you’re a fucking moron. the dude changed country music when he came on the scene. have you ever even been to a show of his? if you like the pussy-ass pop country shit then stay home that day and watch cmt.

  6. Cover your ears and pretend he’ s Tom Petty. They look a lot alike.

  7. The spring game has never had good attendance because it is not entertaining. It is a glorified practice. They wear practice uniforms and don’t play a regular football game. Play a real intrasquad game and people might be interested.

  8. I read somewhere that Fraud really hated having to do the Spring Game. Let’s hope that HCBS takes a different approach. We are already ahead of the game this year by scheduling the game in late April (should have great weather) and by NOT scheduling it the same weekend as Easter (who is the moron responsible for that one??). HCBS seems to be receptive to the fans and if he knows/sees that the team and the fan base would benefit greatly from a real intrasquad game, I can’t imagine him not seriously considering it. Not that he hasn’t already thought about it, but just in cases, someone needs to plant the bug in his ear.

    Perhaps he would give us another “This one’s for you” at halftime 🙂

  9. This is HCBS’s first Gold-Blue game and he likes to get after it so we may see a real game rather than the fluff Fraud put out on the field.

  10. If im not mistaken, the spring game was his yearly hair plug appointment, so he needed to get out of there in a hurry to re-fur his big ass head.

  11. Who has more hair Yoak or Fraud!?
    Is William Hung opening for Yoak?

  12. Jeesh, I was hoping for John Denver to come back to Mountaineer Field, instead of a Helicopter, he could use his heavenly wings to come back and sing.

    We are “Almost Heaven”, so the trip shouldn’t take to long.

  13. The good news, is that Yoakam really rocks in concert. Saw him by mistake two years ago and he is so much better than Paisley or any of the ones you think are more current. He’s an awesome performer, and seems really young in concert. And even for people who don’t like country, it’s kindof rock/country … he’ll satisfy anyone who shows up, I guarantee it. Have an open mind. Let’s just get people to go.

  14. Ah the guy is a legend, and he does movies that are cool (think Crash, Panic Room….how bout the new one he’s doing with Vince Vaughn and Reese). It’ll be like having Johnny Cash here. and heard from a friend in LA, he’s making a serious f-in comeback right now, so maybe that’s why they picked him.

  15. I saw him place by accident two years ago, and he really actually rocks. seems very young in person as a performer, nothing like tom petty! and i’ve seen paisley too … yoakam is actually better.

  16. Hey, I have been to many Dwight concerts and he puts on a great live show! He started out playing with punk rockers in the LA clubs and he’s got a rock’n’roll spirit to go with his serious country music credentials. Check out his CDs and find out why he’s so beloved by millions of people world-wide. Have you heard his take on “Mercury Blues,” “Truckin'” or “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”? What about “Mystery Train,” or “Watch Out” from his “Blame the Vain” album? Total class, quality and fun.

  17. Try this one on for size.

    If I’m not mistaken,. the man is gorgeous.

  18. And here’s one that showcases his fabulous voice:

  19. scratch that last comment, the pic didn’t copy, and click on here:

    Dwight with his dog.

  20. You’re all a bunch of fucking dumb asses for thinking that Dwight Yoakam won’t bring in the people! He sells out almost all of the shows he performs at. He’s a talented muscian who truely knows how to rock out country! I can’t wait to see what you all have to say, after the show/game, when it’s standing room only, and you’re all just standing there, with your fucking jaws on the floor, because you all just witnessed the BEST country artist, and now you’re all totally blown away, wondering when you’ll be able to attend your next Dwight Yoakam show!
    Suck on that, Bitches!!

  21. Man, I though college kids were smart. If they Don’t even know what good music is, they do not deserve to have Dwight Yoakam do a show for them. Dwight is a great artist who’s music isn’t being heard because of preprogrammed radio. Brad Paisley is a good friend of Dwight’s. Who were both good friends of Buck Owens.

  22. ps: and by the way, if we text/call in and vote, we are in charge of whether we win, get invited back next year, etc. it’s not just about how many people attend

  23. It’s unfortunate to see such a narrow minded view towards one of the most talented singer/songwriters today. I saw him last year and he has put together one of the best bands that I’ve ever seen. His show really rocks, seriously. Even though he plays what kinda sounds like hillbilly/country music, it has this whole punkrock edge to it; very cool.

    Come on DY, I’m looking forward to the show.

  24. I think that Dwight Yoakam will knock your socks off. He is an awesome performer with so much talent and ability to entertain. You will be very pleasantly surprised when you see him perform. Plus you will be extremely happy with the music. No one rocks out like Dwight!

  25. This perpetuates so many stereotypes…. who made this decision?

  26. Well glad to see at least someone is excited about DY…

  27. Yeah I agree they need Brad Paisly he’s great! I’ve met him and he is just the nicest guy you’ll ever meet! And so appreciative of his fans! Love Brad! He’s the best! Dwight Yoakum, well…he sucks and he is butt ugly! And Brad is oh sooo hot!!!

  28. I would like to welcome the Dwight Yoakam fan club to the site.

  29. The comparison is unfair to both Brad and Dwight. They are both great artists…..look at the number one hits for both and the creative writing style of Paisley.

    Both are great, great guitar players and Brad gives so much back to his home area of the Ohio Valley and West Virginia……I saw him in concert in Charleston and loved the blue and gold paisley telecaster with the WV embedded in the paint….. Enough of the gripes…we’ll get Brad next time……Enjoy Dwight this time….. Go EERS…Go Brad … Go Dwight

  30. Hey fellow students, WAKE-UP, would ya believe the posts on here IN FAVOR of Yoakum being at our GridIron Bash actually came from his own website? They started a campaign to get on here and promote him, that is sick.
    Dwight Yoakum is NOT making a “comeback”, he is an old gross guy trying to look and act young.
    We need artists that are our age for our Bash, not some old frickin’ farts tryin’ to promote their own old-timer. At least Brad Paisley is a home-boy. This sucks! GOLD N BLUE FOREVER

  31. I like Dwight Yokum alot, but I still won’t go to the spring game. No one goes to this game. It’s not a game. They should make it a real game in the fall.

  32. hey didnt DY play in that movie CRANK with jason statham….wasnt it up for an OSCAR nomination? DY as best supporting actor? 🙂

  33. I’ll help settle this squabble – they both suck.

    There. That was easy.

  34. Stiles would’ve preferred ENYA or Dido.

  35. You know, I don’t want Dwight playing for you all either. Because you don’t know what good music is and your sure don’t deserve Dwight playing for you. He is a great performer and singer/songwriters. If he does play, I hope he asks for a whole lot of money. 5th year senior, does this mean you have been a senior for 5 years? Talk about sick!

  36. If we’re going to perpetuate a stereotype, let’s just get David Allen Coe and call it a day.

    I thought it was a horrible choice, but now that I’ve read the desperate pleas of Dwight’s fan club, I KNOW it’s a horrible choice.

  37. I guess Dwight thought You kids had taste and might be missing out on great music. A lot of you don’t even know who John Lennon was. Or Elvis.

  38. I thought his name was Vladimir Lenin and why are you bringing up Russian dictators?

  39. You bite your tongue. Lenin was a brave and a decent man, and the leader of Brotherhood and Freedom. Proletarians of All Nations, Unite! Long Live the Great October Socialist Revolution!!!

  40. I say give Dwight Yoakam a lollipop and call him Kojak

  41. Elvis was no Russian dictator – he wasn’t even on the Politburo. He was nothing more than a minor party official in Kiev, no big whoop.

  42. Lennon was great if music means nothing…but you start that “imagine there’s no…” whatever crap in the real world and it doesn’t work out.
    Great guy to sit around and have a beer/joint with? Probably. World uniter? Definitely not…

  43. John Lennon was brilliant, but how in the world did he choose Yoko Ono for a partner? She destroyed his credibility in so many ways.

    Lenin/Putin/Elvis Costello, same old same old.

  44. John Lennon Loved Yoko Ono, they did not care what the world though of them. You’re all a bunch of fucking dumb asses for thinking that Dwight Yoakam won’t bring in the people! He sells out almost all of the shows he performs at. He’s a talented muscian who truely knows how to rock out country! I can’t wait to see what you all have to say, after the show/game, when it’s standing room only, and you’re all just standing there, with your fucking jaws on the floor, because you all just witnessed the BEST country artist, and now you’re all totally blown away, wondering when you’ll be able to attend your next Dwight Yoakam show!
    Suck on that, Bitches!!

  45. I bet you would rather have Britney Spears play for you hah!

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