Liar Liar

Ok, so maybe this isn’t news to anyone reading this blog but to all those who still stick up for Fraud you may now eat crow. For almost a month Fraud has been trotting out the fact that his children and family have been facing threats and various other forms of ill words coming from WVU fans. WV Metronews now has a story that after an investigation the Monongalia Sheriffs Department have found ZILCH, NADA, NO proof of actual threats to Fraud, his wife or his children.

There is finally proof that he is a lying sack of excrement and will use anyone and everyone including his own children to get ahead. This is a sad, sad state of affairs and I hope those that still support Fraud will reconsider. Not much more to add but I’m glad that Fraud’s true colors are starting to shine through.


8 Responses

  1. It’s about damn time the Mon. Co. Sheriffs took it upon themselves to investigate the claims he kept making in the news, but never reported and never acted upon to remove his children from the oh-so-dangerous situation.

    I remember an article in one of the Charleston papers not too long after Rod left. They interviewed the principal at the kids’ school. From what I remember, he said then that there hadn’t been problems.

    Thanks for making my morning. Wewt.

  2. I figured you would be the first to respond and I bet I can guess who will be next…

  3. LOL. To busy today to do any other responding than to say this. I went to see what other news organizations had picked this up and what they had to say. Didn’t find any yet, but I think you’ll notice someone’s changed his tune in this article:

    Now his kids were upset by seeing t-shirts and signs. Far cry from a death threat, huh?

  4. It would be nice if someone got ESPN this news so they can put it in their Sunday piece on this issue.


  6. Tilda it took you long enough GEEZ

  7. Sorry, I was actually working at work. Hey…isn’t that image a rerun.

  8. I’m was also working at work and was very busy this morning so I had to use a retread to get the post up quick.

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