The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/18/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Monday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by Goody’s Headache Powder.

What was supposed to be an easy layover in Houston — on the way back from San Antonio — turned into an 18 hour debacle. Hence, the Goody’s Headache Powder, which is basically legal cocaine, though it hurts a little more to snort it. Or so I’ve been told. Either way, I am back in the 304 and ready to get back to WBGV business.

On to the Throwdown!

What You (May Have) Missed:

  • I am not going to bore you with stories of my trip, but I must pass along this exchange one of my friends had with a woman at a bar late Friday night.
    • Friend: “Hey, you want to dance?”
    • Woman: “I don’t really dance.”
    • Friend: “Well, then, can I at least buy you a drink?”
    • Woman: “Are you going to throw up on me?”
    • Friend: “No, why?”
    • Woman: “Because it looks like you are.”
  • It’s Fun to See Duke Lose: Especially when all 5 of their starters foul out. That makes me smile.
  • The End of Indiana Basketball: You thought Bob Knight’s departure, the Mike Davis era, and the Kelvin Sampson abortion were bad? Oh, it gets worse. It gets much, much worse. One word: Dakich.

Videos of Disinterest:

  • Awesome. Really awesome. Really fucking awesome.
  • Pretty much every touch of Noel Devine’s WVU career. Just remember, this guy is going to get 200+ touches next year. Just sick.

What To Watch For:

  • Georgetown (-5) @ Providence (4PM, ESPN2): Yes, that’s right, this game tips at 4 in the afternoon. If you do have to work tomorrow, like me, it’s just another reason for your productivity to suffer. If you don’t have to work, it’s an excuse to drink during the day, if you’re still bothering to look for one.
  • Syracuse (+10.5) @ Louisville (7PM, ESPN): If you’re a betting man, bet the house on Louisville. This is sure to be a huge let-down for the Orange.

5 Responses

  1. “It’s fun to see Duke lose.”

    Charley was once an ardent Duke supporter. Glad to see you have fully left the dark side.

  2. You have to support some of the few talented programs in the country that still have as many white players as they do black. (keywords: talented programs)

  3. Whoa!!! Isn’t it black history month?

  4. Is lowerlev the WVU adminstrator that told Calvin Mcgee he would not get the head coaching job because of the color of his skin???

    Seriously, though, that’s an asininecomment.

  5. Wait wasnt it the lacross team that threw all those elaborate klan meetings at duke?

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