Villanova Promises To Be BIG

Today’s game is BIG.  Like Villanova girls BIG.  Like Rosie O’Fat eating Star Jones for dinner and Dusty Rutledge for dessert BIG.

A win, and WVU’s NCAA tournament hopes are still alive.  A loss and they probably need to win out.  The game will hinge on whether WVU can stop Scottie Reynolds and make 47.3% of their shots.  If they do those two things, it’s a victory. 

The only problem is that ‘Nova is just as desperate as WVU.  And everyone knows that when you’re desperate you often times wake up next to a ‘chick’ named Danielle you met at the bar last night.  Except that it turns out that the ‘chick’ is actually a dude named Dan, and that bar you were at was actually Vice Versa.  What a horrible 21st birthday I had.

But a desperate team can also win games they have no business winning.  (see Michigan’s 8 victories this year.)

But since you’re a Mountaineer fan, and you know how important this game is, and because you can read a preview on the game elsewhere, I’m going to dedicate this humpday to great moments in Villanova ugly chick history.

Skip to the 2 minute mark.

Who am I kidding…..he’s gorgeous.

6 Responses

  1. I’m going to have to disagree (of course) with your prediction that if we lose this game, we have to win out to get in. Unless you’re already counting UConn as a loss, in which case, carry on. Finally, Charley West promised no fat chicks on hump day. Suffice to say I’m a little disappointed.

  2. Im gonna go ahead and say that there is more self depricating humor on this site, than any site i have seen.

  3. As for the first pic of the Nova gals, from left to right: 5 beers, 8 beers + 1 shot of Jack, 14 beers, a bottle of tequila and probably a bong hit, 6 beers, looks underage so 10 beers. ..Who am I kidding? I’d do ’em all.

  4. We are we on the Club Z story? What’s the word in big WV? I’m holding off on the production of free noel, until I get some official word.

    I banged a Nova girl. She was only a buck40. Except she was 4’2′. Best oompa loompa nail EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 more Big east wins will make 10. I think 10 will get us in with Bob Huggins as our coach!

  5. Our away Jerseys are sweeeeet! Hope we are sweet tonight!

  6. We need a coach. Huggy needs o go back to where he came. Oh he’s from Mo’town. yay. And whats with all the fat Mo’towners in your pictorial.

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