The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (2/21/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to Thursday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throdown presented to you by St. Pauli Girl. The only consistent thing about this team is their inconsistency and horrible foul shooting. I stopped watching at the half so I could study for a test.

Do not give up hope, however, because this team is not dead yet but they are about to call for a defibrillator. Oh wait, that only works when your heart stops, this team doesn’t have any heart.

On to the Throwdown.

What You (may have) Missed:

Video of Disinterest:

Remember when our team wanted to win games…

What To Watch:

  • Shit + 4.5 @ Notre Dame: I won’t watch this game but it may be pretty entertaining. Who am I kidding I hope the satellite the military shotdown yesterday hits the arena.
  • Accenture Match-Play: This is always an entertaining event until the big names get knocked out. Will we have Phil v. Tiger in the finals??

16 Responses

  1. I love St. Pauli Girl…and I have nothing to say about that disgusting display of basketball last night.

  2. I thought that was a different video but still shows some enthusiasm from players. Also, can anyone find the WVU highlight video featuring Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”?

  3. I still don’t believe Nova is 25+ points better than us, but they showed up and punched us in the mouth last night . We just never recovered.

  4. You’re right though, 5thYear: we don’t have any heart. I think that the last bit of heart our team had left the building with Frank “Get Money” Young.
    I miss Gansey…

  5. I don’t think any team in the Big East is 25 points better than us. We are completely incapable of handling adversity.

  6. Anybody read the MSNsportsnet article on Steve Dunlap?

    The new locker rooms will apparently include “gameboy stations and all the things that today’s players find appealing.”

  7. If we can only get “gameboys” I will donate my PS2 to the players. I hope this is just an instance of an old-man not knowing the lingo and not a situation showing WVU is way behind the times.

  8. 5th WTF is wrong with a GAMEBOY station? This goes to show ya…you cant make everyone happy…I bet you would complain too if they got the players SEGA systems for their dorm room, propably whine about getting them VHS players to watch game film on.

  9. The only thing I would be happy with is a Neo-Geo or Jaguar systems. Those systems are top of the line technology.

  10. This basketball team is incredibly frustrating. I cant wait to get some huggins players in here. Some mean dudes that dont take shit from anyone, and leave early for the NBA.

    5th year, you forgot about Turbo Graphics 16, my personal favorite.

  11. On a lighter note, word on the street (BGN) is that Benji Kemoeatu’s LOI is now in.

  12. I know I’m a little late regarding the comment on Dunlap, but anyone else notice that has yet to even post a recap of last night’s game? It’s like they won’t post anything remotely negative anymore. It’s getting to be as bad as a Communist State Run Press Agency.

  13. The have the recap as the 5th link under the ‘netnews’ archives. But yeah, it’s a propaganda machine. They’ve yet to acknowledge that our old football coach left. They just ran a story that we hired someone else.

  14. We hired someone else?

  15. Huggins might have some magic someday, but boy, was that Beilein team magical. The highlight of my WVU Basketball Fandom.

    The Nova game is the complete 180 of what we came from. Elite 8, Sweet 16. Maybe next year.

  16. We really need a Herber, who’s consistently solid play is SORELY lacking. How Ruoff can lose all confidence after two minutes is a mystery to me, they gave him open looks and he still couldn’t sink it.

    How come Cam didn’t play more, particularly in the first half?

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