What I Would Do To Wannstedt



Note: Sorry for the vomiting that results for seeing this. Here’s the full, gruesome story on Eduardo da Silva.


10 Responses


  2. Wow. I remember taking a cleat to the face once, and that didn’t feel great, but this is just…wow.

  3. Man, that just ain’t right

  4. i would do that, however it would be my foot to his balls. Is that possible?

  5. It would be possible, but Wannstedt’s balls are kept in a jar in the Pitt AD’s office.

  6. Damn… that would hurt like hell.

  7. 13-9

  8. Why do you think that bothers us? We won the Fiesta Bowl for fuck’s sake. We’ve accomplished more in the last 3 years than you have in the last 20.

  9. Fuckin troll.

  10. Pitt,

    Your last bowl game was in 2004 in which Utah slammed you 35-7 (yeah Utah).

    And your combined record since 2005: (16-19)

    Pitt has never won a BCS game!

    Haven’t won a bowl game since 2002 when you beat Oregon State in the Insight Bowl. A huge accomplishment!

    So go back to your pantherlair and continue to lick youy fathers taint!

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