Tonight, We Beat Pitt


It’s a beautiful 75 degrees in the University city but all thoughts are on tonight. The Coliseum will be rocking as WVU faces its oldest and most bitter rival for a tournament berth.

I think this is a very winnable game, and coupled with a win at St. John’s, enough to go dancing.

But what can I say that hasn’t already been said. You know my opinion on Pitt. Share yours.


13 Responses

  1. 78-62 WVU rolls over Pitt tonight in the Coliseum. I may or may not in attendance it will be a last minute decision.

    If my hate would turn into sludge it would cover all of Pitt’s campus, see Ghostbuster’s II.

  2. Hate

    to dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards; “I hate women and children that wear Pitt apparel”; “She detests boys from Pittsburgh”
    the emotion of hate; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action. “Burning Couches in Triumph”

    I’ve always hated Pitt. As I’ve aged in time Pitt began to consistenly blow. Since they were very unsuccessful, (last bowl win was in 2002) I lost the full intesive hate for them. But to see those 13-9 signs at the Oakland Zoo. It rekindles those moments of absolute rage and makes me want to break out in chant:


  3. Winnable game!!!! This is our problem. We are a six point favorite and we think the game is winnable. We are not only supposed to win, it would be a surprise if we didn’t win…..we need to learn how to EXPECT to win! It is a culture that Bobby is bringing and we are slow to get on board. We are the Mountaineers…..we don’t lose at home……that needs to be our mentality……

  4. I’m not predicting anything but an ulcer. I’m praying for good play from Ruoff, good as ever play from Nichols, great play from Alexander and an out-of-body/ channeling-Tim-Kearney-from-the UNLV-game kind of performance from Smalligan.

    Any word on Cam Thoroughman?

  5. Never liked them or that dying city they reside in. I hate how they rip on everything West Virginia, yet Pittsburgh makes Beirut look like Beverly Hills.

    We need the students to show up in full force tonight, and to come up with some witty chants to tick off Pitt and their ‘fans’.

  6. I will always rember going to the Coliseum and watching WVU vs. Pitt in the old A-10 and the student section would have signs / letters in the stands that spelled “Puck Fitt” and I remember the first letters being rotated for FUCK PITT. Always a favorite

  7. Dont worry about the student section, when i was coming back from class at the coliseum, the student line was not joke passed the blue gate and only growing, they’ll be loud, proud and supportive of our boys


  8. I’ll never forget my first time sitting in the student section in the Coliseum when I was still in HS in ’92 and it was for Pitt. I was with some old friends and future fraternity brothers and I’ll never forget it. The guy running the sound system at the time played the Addams Family Theme song and the part where they snap their fingers was coincided with a resounding “FUCK PITT!!!!” from the students. My sentiments exactly to this day. Simple yet classic. I only remember it that one game. Anybody else remember that or any other times?

  9. Pitt is not worth the extra wear on my tendons that it would take to type out a full expression of my antipathy.

    This was a fun game to watch if you like fouls shots and listening to Sean McDonough drone. And thanks for all the references to RR, Beilein and 12/1/07. Good times.

    On the plus side, I can’t recall ever seeing so many face-on shots of the student section in a broadcast. If all you saw of the Coliseum was the typical TV broadcast, you’d never know there was a student section. Tonight was different. NICE camera work, ESPN.

    Oh yeah, and the Mountaineers won handily.

  10. Great win…total domination from early on. We need to keep this momentum going into the BE tourney…we win Saturday and take a couple in the tourney and we’ll be dancing as a 6-8 seed!

  11. I remember that ’92 Pitt game. I had just turned 8 and Chris Leonard was more famous to me than President GHW Bush.


    What’s this I hear Fields was tasered in Pittsburgh? What an idiot! I see he’s joining the illustrious list of quality basketball players up there. Carl Krauser, Yuri Dimitrius, Chris Taft, Chevy Troutman, Onterrio Lett and now LeVance Fields.

  13. Reach for a cop’s gun and you’re lucky you just get tasered.

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