Thank You, Darris Nichols!


For the past 4 years, Nichols has been one of the steadiest point guards in Mountaineer history.  Always stingy with the ball (as exampled by his 28 minute, 0 turnover performance last night), Nichols has also become a reliable scorer for the Mountaineers.  In my mind, he will be forever remembered for two plays: his block against Wake Forest and the last-gasp, game-winning shot against Mississippi State in last year’s NIT.

So, regardless of what happens over the next few weeks, WBGV salutes Darris Nichols.  Thanks for the memories, you’ll be missed.


12 Responses

  1. While i loved all those guys who took us to the 8 and 16, Darris is favorite mountaineer, and has been since that block against wake.

  2. Amen brother, he will be missed but remembered. If the Eers make it into the Dance this year, consider Darris’ four year career: Elite 8, Sweet 16, NIT Champs, NCAA Tourney.
    Radford should be proud!

  3. The kid is truly awesome and I hate to see him go. Hopefully, he gets one last shot in the NCAA’s.

  4. Two things stick out to me about Darris:

    The first time I met him – he had been on campus just a couple weeks – I called him Drew. There was a player at Maryland named Drew Nichols. Oy.

    When Collins fouled out of the Wake game, I told my dad that Nichols was going to make a big play. A couple minutes later, Nichols blocked the shot. Sure, some might call me Nostradamus, but it is really just another astute basketball prediction from me.

    All in all, he has been a tremendous Mountaineer. Over the past five years, only Ty Sally’s career have I enjoyed more. He will be missed at this keyboard for sure.

  5. Darius is a top 5 fav.

    However, with the emegergence of Alexander, Darius might get the help he needs to play deep into March.

  6. I hope the whole “Darius” thing is a joke.

  7. I wouldn’t say top 5 but he has been one hell of a player for the Mountaineers over the past 4 years.

  8. Where’s the “Thank you Jamie Smalligan!” post?

  9. Where’s the “Thank you Jamie Smalligan!” post?

    Trust me, Jamie Smalligan should feel thanked that I didn’t write a post about him.

  10. Much like Rob Summers of the past few years, Jaime gave everything he had to the program. Limited in most basketball capacities, he always tried his hardest and is a true Mountaineer.

    If he heats from 3-point range come the BET and NCAA’s, we may be singing a very different toon about him.

  11. > the BET

    Smalligan is going on 106 and Park while in NYC? That should be interesting. Hope he doesn’t forget to give a shout out to his homies in East Grand Rapids.

    > youtube link to Nichols with the NIT semifinal winner –

    I like this link better with Caridi’s voiceover:

    Darris, you will live forever in Mountaineer lore. All the best.

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