My Thoughts Exactly


You just really can’t underestimate how much Pitt sucks.


3 Responses

  1. Nice work by those students with the banner. I’m sure it could have been longer and recounted:

    the 45-20 and 42-13 (or whatever the scores were in 2005 and 2006…I lost count) whoopings,

    the 200+ rushing yards by 2 players in the same game,

    the 52-20-whatever throttling in 2003, and

    the fact that our coach can properly pronounce the word “Saturday,”

    but I guess at that point the banner would get a little unweildy. We all know how much Pitt sucks anyway, and I think the banner did a nice job of jogging peoples’ memories.

  2. I would have included last bowl victory was 2002!

    Nice job anyway!!!

  3. How bout a giant mirror to remind them they are still pitt and high-quality, Grade A douch bags. That may require too much thought to get though…

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