Tyler Hansbrough Is N-O-T Player of the Year

I bleed, therefore I am (awesome).

Michael Beasley is putting up BETTER numbers than Kevin Durant a year ago and he’s still going to finish second to Hansbrough. Just take a look at the numbers:

Tyler Hansbrough

23.3 points, 10.4 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 1.5 steals, 0.3 blocks, 2.1 turnovers

Michael Beasley

26.9 points, 12.6 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.3 steals, 1.7 blocks, 2.9 turnovers

Beasley leads four categories to Hansbrough’s two. (And by the way, how can a guy 6’10” only average 0.3 blocks? Dumbfounding.)

Now, the Hansbrough argument is that he is playing on the one of the best teams in America and gets less touches and shots than Beasley, who plays for a team fighting for its tournament life. That’s all fine and good. But it also takes the focus off Hansbrough. He also has one of the best PGs in America in Ty Lawson feeding him the ball. Think he’s getting the ball in good position? Yeah, I thought so too.

Beasley, of course, doesn’t have that great PG feeding him the ball. No starter on Kansas State averages more than 3.5 assists or over 1.5 assists/turnovers. In contrast, Lawson averages 5.6 assists and 2.6 assists/turnovers. But Beasley still manages to shoot 54% from the field. That’s just below Hansbrough’s 55%. Negligible, at best.

Beasley is a monster. Hansbrough is a very good player who gets a lot of advantages from his teammates. He also plays in Chapel Hill, as opposed to the wasteland that is Manhattan, Kansas. Though if Beasley is not POY, as I suspect he won’t, he’ll just have to fall asleep on all the money he’ll be getting from being the #1 player in the 2008 NBA Draft.


11 Responses

  1. Tyler Hansbrough is a great college player, IE Christian Laettner, but will never be anything more. Beasley on the other hand is a legit stud, who will be a great pro. He is also more valuable to his team right now. The Heels have shown that they lose without Ty Lawson, meaning, they aren’t winning because of Hansbrough.

  2. What difference does it make whether he will be a great pro or not? National COLLEGIATE Player of the Year shouldn’t take into account professional potential (though you’re right, he’ll probably suck). Beasely should be player of the year, but I could see it going to Hansbrough as a lifetime achievement award sort of thing, even though he’ll still he still has another year of eligibility. Man I hate the ACC.

  3. Zub:

    1. How good of a pro you will be has nothing to do with college POY. Its also not “talent” of the year. Its player of the year.

    2. The heels went 7-1 without Lawson. Hardly “shown that they lose” material. Get your facts straight.

    If Beasley is deserving of NPOY, its on volume alone, not efficiency or productivity.

    (1) Tyler’s a more efficient offensive player. He averages 23.3 PPG on 13.2 FGA/game, which averages 1.77 PPS. Beasley isn’t bad, averaging 26.9 PPG on 17.7 FGA/game, which averages out to 1.52 PPS. Tyler > Beasley

    (2) Tyler applies more pressure on the defense. He’s gone to the line 321 times compared to Beasley’s 251 FTAs. Thats on less shots. Tyler also shoots 81.3% from the FT line to Beasley’s 76.9%.

    Tyler > Beasley

    (3) Tyler gets his points without dominating the ball as much as Beasley. He works within the framework of a team offense. Tyler has taken 20% (397 of 1983) of his team’s shots. On the other hand, Beasley has launched 28% (513 of 1829) of all the shots that Kansas State has taken. Beasley’s scoring average may look more impressive, but it’s a volume thing, not an efficiency one.

    (4) Tyler’s team has lost twice this season. Even though they’ve played without their top 2 point guards for a month. Even though their 3rd point guard was coming off a knee injury. Even though their starting power forward has been playing on one leg. Even though their 6th man is limping around the court. Beasley’s supporting cast is admittedly not as talented even with all the injuries factored in, but they also play an easier schedule (according to KenPom.com, Carolina has the #5 SOS and K-State the #18 SOS). So I think you have to factor in that Tyler’s team is 28-2 and playing to win their conference and grab a #1 seed, while K-State is 18-10 and fighting to make the tournament. Against Ken Pomeroy’s top 50, Tyler’s team is 8-2 and Beasley’s team is 5-9. Against the top 100, Tyler’s team is 17-2 and Beasley’s is 9-10. If the stats are that close, I’m going with the guy who’s playing on the much better team.

    So, if you want to give Beasley the NPOY because of gaudy stats, thats fine… just realize that his stats are inflated by a weak schedule and lots of touches.

  4. I think the argument could be made that Hansbrough is not the best player on his team, Ty Lawson could make a very good case for that. And, remember, the ACC is garbage this year, with only two decent teams. Duke beat a Lawsonless Carolina at Carolina, and they handled them pretty easily.

    Tommorow night we will find out who the best player on the Heels is, and perhaps you can be vindicated.

  5. Ty Lawson for NPOY? You heard it from Zub first! If you’ve abandoned beasley and you want to argue Lawson is better, cite some statistics.

    The ACC is having an off year, but UNC’s SOS is still #5 or #6 depending on which site you look at, so I don’t see how the ACC argument holds water.

    The bottom line is, Beasley’s statistics are a result of volume, not efficiency, and voters for NPOY that understand college basketball know that and will vote for Hansbrough.

  6. If it weren’t for the rational arguments and coherent sentences, I would think that demosthenes.or.locke was actually Dick Vitale spouting his love for Hansbrough.

  7. Rah rah Carolina lina rah rah Carolina lina rah rah Caronlina lina GO TO HELL DUKE!

  8. Just saw Ty kill Duke. He works his tail off in the paint and single handedly gave his team the double-bonus with 11 minutes in the 1st half. That’s not really going to show up in the stats. I guess you’ll have to actually watch a game. Demos is right, Ty makes a huge impact on the game.

  9. I think both of them are worthy and the arguments FOR either one of them are convincing. I don’t get the arguments against them, particularly the ones mentioned here against TH. 1.) The Heels have played w/o their 1st and 2nd string PG for a good portion of the ACC schedule. 2.) A weak ACC is still better than most conferences in the country. TH is one of the more consistent players I’ve ever seen. Whether he’s playing Duke or UNC Asheville, he’s going to put up some good numbers.

  10. Both great players…Beasley will be a more electrofying pro, but take either one off of their teams and UNC wouldn’t be #1 and K-State would still not be going to the dance. That said, TH gets the nod…and yes, he’s that good…plus one of the hardest workers in the nation.

  11. both players are great. They show up every night and carry their teams. Beasley is more of a one man show, but Tyler comes up big when Carolina needs him in a game, very consistent.

    I would say each would get their share of the NPOY awards, there are 5 or 6 of them.

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