Uncce, Uncce, Uncce, Uncce


Damn, that was a little to close for comfort but the fellas got a huge W. With this win the Mountaineers have punched their ticket to the big dance. All we have to worry about now is our seed.

Right now, we are most likely an 8 or 9 seed and I do not like that one bit. But, if we were to win one or two games in the BET, we could move up to a 7 seed and at least play the 2 seed in the second round. Either way a tournament birth in CBH first year is a hell of an accomplishment.

Get your dancing shoes on and get ready for the uncce, uncce, uncce of the Big Dance…


4 Responses

  1. Have you guys seen this. ESPN must really be hurtin for stories!


  2. Looks like we play Providence at 2p on Wednesday the way I see it….

  3. I bet Providence would rather play UConn than us! Still, will be a tough game, the guys really need to stay tough on these neutral courts!

    Such a squeaker yesterday, Mazzula did a great job to tie it in regulation!

  4. Lippman: And, anyway I was just reading your final edit, um, there seems to be an inordinate number of exclamation points.

    Elaine: Well, I felt that the writing lacked certain emotion and intensity.

    Lippman: Oh, “It was damp and chilly afternoon, so I decided to put on my sweatshirt!”

    Elaine: Right, well…

    Lippman: You put exclamation point after sweatshirt?

    Elaine: That’s that’s correct, I-I felt that the character doesn’t like to be ch-ch-chilly…

    Lippman: I see, “I pulled the lever on the machine, but the Clark bar didn’t come out!” Exclamation point?

    Elaine: Well, yeah, you know how frustrating that can be when you keep putting quarters and quarters in to machine and then *prrt* nothing comes out…

    Lippman: Get rid of the exclamation points…

    Elaine: Ok, ok ok …

    Lippman: I hate exclamation points…

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