In Like Sin

To paraphrase “Don” Billy Hahn, I wonder if this will count as a signature win for that buffoon Doug Gottlieb. Personally, I tend to like Gottlieb. We share many of the same traits. Dapper dress, a quick quit wit, boyish good looks, inability to make free throws, and a penchant to commit credit card fraud.

I don’t claim to be Nostradamus…he should claim to be me. Who foresaw WVU going 4-2 over the final 6 games with losses to ‘Nova and UConn? The 25314

Who foresaw WVU defeating Providence and very possibly beating UConn? The 25314.

At 24-9, and 13-7 in the Big East, there is no way WVU will miss the Dance now. In fact, WVU has probably locked up a #7 seed. You read it here first.

With Joe Alexander playing like the Great White Hope, WVU may have played the best game of the season against UConn. They destroyed the boards. Who could have imagined this John Beilein recruited team dominating UConn on the boards. It’s truly remarkable what Bob Huggins has been able to do.

Still, the Mountaineers struggled from the 3-point line and with turning the ball over. If WVU catch fire from beyond the arch, there is no telling how good they could be.

Against Georgetown, there will not be nearly the amount of on-ball pressure that has led to sloppy turnovers. The key will be covering Georgetown’s hot shooters. I’m not sure WVU will be able to win for a third straight day, but I do know that it doesn’t matter.

The NCAA Tournament in Huggin’s first year is academic, which is truly remarkable considering the polar opposite styles of Huggins and his predecessor.

Imagine a coach that, say, runs a power spread offense in football taking over a team built for a pro-style offense. Or a Princeton style coach taking over for a team built for a more traditional style. Michigan fans will tell you, this type of dichotomy normally doesn’t end up in such success.

By the way, did anyone see Smalligan wave to the crowd after his squeeze dunk, and seconds before fouling out? Talk about high on the unintentional comedy scale.

And now for your viewing pleasure….


12 Responses

  1. Doug Gottlieb is a dickhead. Do you share the same traits? I don’t know you but wouldn’t want to be compared. He’s a dickhead. A frickin’ dickhead. Why would you even say that.

    Let’s Go! Mountaineers. I’m beginning to believe!

  2. “Some games are very complex and you mull over them, why you won and why lost, it’s difficult,” said Calhoun, whose team had won 13 of its last 16 games. “This one is very easy. They came out and kicked our butt.”

  3. Did you mean quick wit, cause i’m not sure what it means to have a quick quit

  4. you also generaly dress like a homeless man

  5. Damn nosmo, I just copied the calhoun quote to post here and you beat me to it. But again, “They came out and they kicked our butt.”

    F*cking awesome win.

  6. Who was it that Alexander dunked on at the end when the game was wrapped up? He should just put that image on the back of his jersey in lieu of a number, like when Prince went through the whole symbol-name thing.

  7. Bob Knight just said on ESPN that the difference between he and Huggy is that he would NOT look like 400 pounds of butter walking up and down the bench.

    What’s up with that?

  8. Knight is a nimrod as a commentator, adding absolutely nothing in terms of insight or interest to the conversation. I sincerely hope that ESPN learns from this week and drops him before the NCAAs.

    Meanwhile, don’t bust on Smalligan, he was showing that he wasn’t hanging on the rim.

  9. He was busting on Huggins gold suit. With the Pitt win the Big East will have 7 teams with 7 seeds or better in the tournament. I am betting that no conference has ever had that many seeds with a 7 seed or better.

  10. ROFL…400 pounds of butter

  11. I did not found this site to see you using words like dichotomy. Please, more dick jokes.

  12. Great win! But I need more Meg Bulger!

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