Abe Lincoln Was Better

Seriously though, who would you take in a basketball game?  Abe Lincoln, a 6’4 slave emancipator and savior of the Union,  or George Washington, a 6’3 slave owner who led a traitorous rebellion? 

Who would you cheer for in a game: WVU – the flagship university of the only state to declare their sovereignty in order to fight with Lincoln, or  the Georgetown – a school named after Washington, who’s wife’s great granddaughter married the South’s Robert E. Lee.

Tonight’s game truly is a battle of good vs. evil, and if you root for Georgetown, you are rooting for slavery and an agrarian society.  Abraham Lincoln would cheer for the Mountaineers against Georgetown and that is a scientific fact. 

But seriously, if you’re like me – and in a perfect world everyone would be – you hate Georgetown.  You hate their coach riding the coattails of his Dad and Pete Carril.  Ditto Patrick Ewing, Jr.   Ditto Jeremiah Rivers. 

You hate John Thompson’s towel, A.I., Jahidi White, Ruben Boomshay Boomshay, and Craig Esherick’s rant about Mike Sweetney. 

(I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but to refresh your memory, apparently John Beilein’s first WVU team was too rough for the 6’8 260 pound Sweetney.  Sadly, it would become a recurring theme throughout freshman Kevin Stick-snoggle’s career.  He just played too rough and bruisingly in the soft Big East.)

And let’s not forget about Victor Paige.

In WVU’s long glorious history, they are 1-0 in BET semi-final games.  So by my math, it is impossible for us to lose.

It actually seems to be a decent match-up for the ‘Eers.  The crowd helped immensely against G’town in the regular season, but there’s no reason to think the MSG crowd won’t be pulling for the underdog tonight.

Roy Hibbert is non-existent and Joe Alexander has been playing like his hair is on fire…..errr, I guess I shouldn’t use that colloquium anymore.  We’ll probably pound G’town on the boards.  The game will come down to, again, whether WVU can make some 3’s (I anticipate alot of zone from the Hoyas) and if they can stop G’town from making too many threes.

This could be a very exciting night in New York.  And even if we lose, we’re in the Dance, so there should be no pressure.

This video is too good not use again.

And the last two days have put me in such a good mood, why not a complimentary picture of Meg Bulger for good measure?


15 Responses

  1. Meg is Hot!!!! Thanks for posting her picture…

  2. 25314, you’re not right in the head. But who cares, MB is hot!

  3. Would have been a good post except your premise is faulty.

    Georgetown University is named after the village it was founded in Georgetown, Md. (which is now part of Washington DC.)

    Georgetown the village was named for King George II of England. Nothing about the Hoyas is George Washington related.

    George Washington University (also in DC) was named after George Washington but alas, we do not play them in basketball tonight since they are not part of the Big East.

  4. I thought George Washington was named after George Washingtong and Georgetown was just named after George?

  5. “Roy Hibbert is non-existent”. Non-existent….really?? You’re just one crystal freakin’ ball, aren’t ya??

  6. Um, pretty sure Georgetown University is named after the (former) city of Georgetown in which it located…

  7. Not your finest work, 25314.

    Hit the showers and get a cold one. The tourney will need you soon enough.

  8. All is forgiven in reference to the article. I was hammered too.

  9. The pic of Meg is a soothing touch after watching the team offense disappear for seven minutes in the second half.

  10. Maybe Roscoe Davis will be our Hibbert in the coming years?

  11. Stiles, at least The 25314 does work. When was your last post?
    And as far as the whole Georgetown vs. George controversy, get a freakin sense of humor. WBGV is a sports blog, not an historical society meeting.

  12. Just a minute now, Stephen — Stiles is semi-retired and The 25314 is in charge of the basketball posts.

    Now. If you have anything to say, say it to The 25314.

  13. It may not have been my finest work, but The 25314 on his worst day is better than Stiles on his best.

    Appologies all around. However, I’m guessing I wouldn’t have ruffled as many feathers if WVU had denied entry passes to Hibbert, boxed him out, or in general not let that giraffe dominate us like we were a midget in his German dungeon.

    I get the feeling Hibbert woke up this morning wondering where he was yesterday. Much like Frank the Tank asking, “What happened, I blacked out” after giving a speach on the globolization of corporate innovation.

  14. You slackers need to get a post up on the heastie situation. Your boy Stew is paintin up a storm

  15. Heastie and Boyd have just placed us in the early top 10 for recruiting in 2009. What a massive day for Coach Stew. Mounties are the talk of the recruiting nation.

    Boyd has the most poise that I have ever seen out of a junior QB in high school. Heastie is the big WR recruit that we have been waiting on. Stold him right out from under neath Urban Meyer.

    Coach Stew – “WE BELIEVE”

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