The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (3/14/08)

Welcome, By-Godders, to the Big East semifinals edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown, presented by mead.

Why Mead? Well, that’s what they drank way back in the day, back when the original Alexander the Great was conquering the world. It’s also what I’m drinking these days as the new Alexander the Great is conquering the Big East. Actually, I’m drinking Miller Lite. To be honest with you, mead sounds pretty gross. But sometimes, if you want the girl to look like a 10, you’ll drink whatever you can find.

On to the Throwdown!

What You (May Have) Missed:

  • Apparently, we’re good: I haven’t seen basketball this good out of WVU since, well, every other time we play at Madison Square Garden. I would seriously start thinking about playing some games there during the regular season. I’m thinking Maryland Baltimore-County. You know, for the name appeal.
  • And this is the opposite of good: Well, shit. It’s not like we didn’t know this was a possibility. In the end, it looks like it will all blow over. But at the same time, these guys will need to clean up their act. Especially that “Jockee” Sanders. That guy’s a troublemaker.

Video of Disinterest:

  • Personally, there is nothing more Republican than watching two endangered species duke it out in a fight to the death.

What To Watch For:

  • West Virginia (+2.5) vs. Georgetown: No shit. Of course you’re going to be watching this game. And if the line is any indication — just like last night — Vegas and bettors are showing us a lot of respect.
  • Pitt vs. Marquette: Well, at press time, there’s not yet a line on this game. If I had to guess, though, I would say Pitt -2.5. In life, though, Pitt’s +100000000000000003000000.5.

3 Responses

  1. I’d like to see somebody try and f*ck with the MOUNTAINEER!!

  2. The Garden appears to be our home away from home……here’s to some nut in your eye Hoyas, Joe A. with a tomahawk dunk in Hibbert’s grill, throw it down big man!

  3. Charley,

    I would like a check for $5 million dollars. Why you ask? Copy right infringement!!! Expect a call from my attorney today. Alexander the Great! was written on March 4, 2008 by

    Also my neck hurts from writing this e-mail under this intense trauma that you have caused. I will be seeking supplemental damages.

    Check better be in the mail buddy!

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