Michigan Snubbed By Selection Committee

ANN ARBOR — In a stunning turn of events, Michigan was omitted from the NCAA tournament Sunday evening.

Despite a 10-22 overall record (5-13 in conference play), the selection committee felt the Wolverines’ resume just wasn’t quite strong enough. Michigan’s RPI of 172 was slightly below that of teams normally invited teams, though their strength of schedule ranked a very respectable 26th.

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure what more we could have done,” said Michigan coach John Beilein. “We played a strong non-conference schedule. In past years, that’s what the Committee has looked toward.”

This year, however, the Tournament Committee took a different angle.

“Well, you actually have to win those non-conference games,” said Tom O’Connor, George Mason AD and Committee Chair. “I’m pretty sure even my son knows that, and he’s four.”

Michigan lost at #8 Georgetown, at #10 Butler, at #9 Duke, and home to #2 UCLA. They also fell at Boston College, at Harvard, at Western Kentucky, and home to Central Michigan. Of course, they soundly defeated both Brown and Oakland.

The snubbing was especially hard on the Michigan players, who assembled at Crisler Arena for a “televised” watch party.

“We had originally planned for ESPN to come,” said Beilein, “but they felt Michigan State deserved it more. Assistant Coach Jerry Dunn brought his 8mm though, so we really didn’t miss ESPN. Plus Kathleen [Beilein] made 7-layer dip, which was delightful.”


9 Responses

  1. Ha! RR is next!

  2. Coach JB appears to have gotten AIDS from the look of him in that picture.

  3. Most losses in his coaching career, most losses in Meeechigan history, fewest points scored in a Big 10 tourney game. Hope JB is happy with his “upgrade”.

  4. Glad to see you gents can let go. 😉

    Best wishes to the Mountaineers in the tourney.

  5. I guess this is what Pat Beilein meant when he said, ” We’re finally at a big time school”?

  6. I can’t tell you overwhelmed with joy I am over this Michigan season. There was NOTHING you could take as a positive. Nothing.

    At least after Beilein’s first year year, I felt good that he might be able to do something. If I were a Michigan fan, I would look for other things to pass my time with in the winter. Thankfully, they have hockey.

  7. After setting records for offensive futility against Wisconsin, the Michigan athletic site managed to put a positive spin on things, “Solid Defensive Effort Not Enough Against No. 8 Badgers.”

    The Wolverines did finish the season 5-5 in their final 10 games, however, which may give fans a reason to hope.

    Happy Birthday Charley West.

  8. Yeah, the Wolverines finished 5-5 in their last ten games, but who did they beat? The best win was a home victory over Ohio State who was in the midst of dropping five of six.

    However, let us not overlook them losing to Northwestern. At home. For doing so would belittle the ‘accomplishments’ of this fine Michigan team. And I won’t let that happen on my watch. No sir.

  9. get a room, you two

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