OMG OMG OMG 2009 Recruiting

If the names Logan Heastie and Tajh Boyd don’t ring a bell, you obviously don’t follow recruiting. That’s OK, I’m here to help.

You see, Heastie and Boyd are the first verbals in WVU’s 2009 class. They also happen to be the #1 WR and #21 QB in the nation, respectively. Yes, you read that right: WVU has gotten a verbal commitment from the #1 WR in the country. You know, that position that catches all the passes — yeah, we got one.

Now, as I write this, it’s March 17, 2008. These are verbals for the 2009 class, which won’t be able to sign letters of intent until next February. That means we have about 11 months of pure hell trying to hang on to both these guys with both hands. In fact, Urban Meyer is already taken to sleeping in a van outside Heastie’s house. You don’t even want to know Frank Beamer’s doing outside Boyd’s house. Ewwwwww!

So, in closing: I am ridiculously excited. All of West Virginia should be. These are two marquee recruits that could help to bring in the best recruiting class in WVU history. But I’m also cautious, knowing we’re going to have a lot of tense moments over the next 11 months. Then again, I’d rather have them then be trying to steal them away from somebody else.


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  1. My only thing is, evidently HCBS promised Boyd we’d stop recruiting anymore QB’s, which means we’re giving up on Newsome (who, by the way, gave us mad props calling us a “Beast of a Program”), the #5 QB who WAS obviously showing us some love. I love that we got Boyd, but why stop there?

  2. I’m not saying we lied to the guy, but I can’t imagine we’d turn down Newsome if he wanted to come here.

    I think we just played the percentages. With Boyd going out of state, it’s unlikely Newsome leaves Virginia. We probably planned to recruit the hell out of both of them and wait to see who committed first. Since it was Boyd, Boyd’s our man.

  3. But there’s already a backlog of QBs on the roster. If Newsome is still dying to come to WVU, then the only logical solution is to put him and Boyd in the Thunderdome.

  4. I’m with WVUIE97. Boyd hasn’t even played his Sr. Year of HS yet and we’re committing our future to him. If he’s so good, he should expect to beat any competition out and not worry about us recruiting other QB’s. That kind of promise to the most important position on the field is a little dumb. We’re not as backlogged at QB as you might think. Jarrett Brown is good, but after that Brad Starks would seem to be the guy, but he’s never played a down. Coley White and J.J. Dorsey might both be moved to other positions. And then just 1 2009 QB? Hopefully this was one of those nice recruiting lies.

  5. Heastie told Rivals he wants to graduate early and enroll in classes for January 09. That would be freaking sweet.

  6. Rivals makes these signings sound like a lock. Boyd and Heastie are best friends.

    Boyd looks much better at QB in HS than Coley, Dorsey or Starks as a Junior. Mark my words that Boyd will end up being a top five QB after his senior year. Heastie could have been a top 10 WR recuit in 08 if he was a senior. His upside is off the charts.

    Most important fact is that we have alot of QB’s with one of the best QB coaches (OCCB) in the country. OCCB can develope QB’s just see: Mauk or Wake Forests Playgirl cover boy.

    HCBS will continue to recruit QB’s for 2009. Newsome is still on the radar!!!!

    That being said “what a great day to be a MOUNTAINEER!!!”

    Huggs owns O’neil!!!!!!!!!! 7-1 all-time

  7. Yo, WVUIE97, what is your source for HCBS dialog with Boyd? Maybe he didn’t say it.

  8. The source was Boyd himself.

  9. Boyd said it in his interview with (

    Thanks Charley

  10. we picked up another recuit today for next year. DJ Thomas hes a CB/Ath. It looks like a good recuit. Hes got more stars than Jerome Swinton as a cornerback . He comes form Hargrave Military Acadamy

  11. Is the Thomas kid eligible for next season or 09 like the guys above?

  12. 08

  13. OCCB? I’m assuming you mean Off. Cor. Chris Beatty? He’s not the QB coach, OC, or from Wake Forest. OC Jeff Mullen is from Wake. Also, not to be a negative nancy, but I am, so….Mauk transferred, and I’m unimpressed by Riley Skinner. I don’t want to go 8-4, I want to go 12-0. I’ll give Mullen a chance, but I’m not going to say he’s a great OC when he never has been one before.

  14. Newsome likes USF alot and he’ll be Rod’s main target once Pryor goes to OSU. Michigan was going after Russell Sheppard as they’re #1 and he’s committed to LSU, they offered Boyd along with us, and now Newsome is about the only one left.

    Having said all that, I think he stays home and ends up at VT.

  15. We would have been in a dogfight with Newsome, who has already said he likes USF better than us. Boyd got Offensive player of the year for Va, not Boyd. If we got them both, along with starks and russell, our QB position would be a logjam in a few years and one of them would end up playing WR. If these two stay committed, thats a great start to our class.

  16. Stupid question #875….what does the PG mean under the position rank column stand for?

  17. post-grad school? it’s used with prep schools. also, charlie russell will never start a game for the mountaineers, you can take that to the bank.

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