He’s A Suckeye!

Terrelle Pryor finally made the decision about where he wants to get paid to play college football and it is with the Buckeyes. Why does WBGV give a shit about Pryor now that he is a Buckeye? We don’t really, but we love the fact that this screws Fraud’s first couple years at Michigan.

Fraud, if you thought Brad Lewis was terrible just wait until David Cone takes the field at the Big House. He was washed up after he left the Yankees. Good luck asshole.


4 Responses

  1. I can hear the UM “Fire the Fraud” doomsday clock ticking now. Kinda sounds like the footsteps of every QB anywhere leading away from Ann Arbor.

    Cross your fingers and hope that UM AD Billy Martin won’t wait long to pull the trigger.

  2. just paid a visit to michigan message board, hehehe , a whole lot of whinning going on over there. they seem to think they were used by tp, imagine that !!!!! poetic justice i say !

  3. From SI:

    “Pryor said Rodriguez went down swinging Wednesday, continuing to pitch Michigan even as Pryor tried to break the bad news.”

    Here’s how I picture that moment:

    TP: So, I really appreciate Michigan’s interest in me and everything, but I’m going to sign with the Univer . . .

    RR: Well, Michigan has the most wins of any program in the country.

    TP: . . . sity of . . .

    RR: And you’d be in a position to be an immediate starter, playing on one of the biggest stages around.

    TP: . . . O . . . .

    RR: I would build my entire program around you. Coach you up and get you primed for the NFL.

    TP: . . . hio . . .

    RR: We’ll make people forget about Tebow real quick.

    TP: . . . State . . .

    RR: Nooooooooooooooo! Please man, I NEED you up here, T. I’m ****ed if you bail on me. I got a wife and kids for god’s sake.

    TP: I’m real sorry, but I . . .

    RR: oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god

    TP: Coach?

    RR: oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god

    TP: Coach Rod?

    RR: (faintly) Mama, can I play in the sandbox now?

    TP: Hello?

    RR: (gurgling sound)

    TP: (click) Oh, hey, I got a call coming through from Coach Tressel. I gotta take this. Listen, thanks for showing me around campus. See you at the game.

    That was kinda mean. I hate myself.

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