NCAA Pants Party: West Virginia

A few weeks ago, I (very modestly) informed you that I would be writing the West Virginia portion of Deadspin’s NCAA Tournament preview. Well, yesterday, that preview was posted for all to see.

Check it out.


7 Responses

  1. Well written my good man. Not enough boobs however.

  2. Am I missing something or did we not just celebrate 100 years of Mountaineer basketball in 2004? Perhaps, it was a celebration of 100 years, and not 100 seasons. Was the sport put on hold for a couple years during a world war?

    Perhaps you can enlighten me.

  3. We didn’t play between 1909-1914.

    Must’ve been too busy with that Industrial Revolution.

  4. The sport was returned to Intramural status during the five year hiatus because there was a lack of funding. When it returned as a varsity sport, Coach Anthony Chez took the surprising step of requiring the players to be enrolled in WVU.

  5. Sounds like a bullshit rule to me.

  6. Speaking of the Industrial Revolution…..

    “Except that the puppy was a dog, but the Industry, my friend, that was a Revolution.”

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