The Key To Tonight (And Beyond)


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  1. I’m in complete agreement. It’s painfully obvious how much the offense struggles if Ruoff isn’t knocking down shots, and honestly, how little purpose he serves if he isn’t. If this kid can get hot and spread the floor, the slipper might fit. Hopefully, by the time it’s all said and done, his name, too, will become a verb.

  2. who says you dont know bball? This kid makes threes…well, you cant double team everyone (JOE)

  3. I’ve seen a lot of Ruoff going 1 for 7 this year…wide open looks too…that will not get it done.

  4. […] Alex Ruoff: Charley West’s momma didn’t raise no dummy. 21 points including five three-pointers, I think it’s fair enough to say Ruoff was the key […]

  5. Charley, saw you on the TV tonight. I was at the game, but they showed you on the big screen as they cut to break. Nice sweater.

  6. After both games, you can pat yourself on the back for this one. Truer words were never spoken…

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