Certainly, Duke is Duke.  They’re on TV more than Leave it to Beaver Reruns.


11 Responses

  1. Hell yeah! Bring on Coach Rat-Face. No team that has that many white dudes on the floor can make a serious run at the title. There’s something amiss here. WVU by 3.

  2. Let’s take the privileged white boys out behind the woodshed for an old fashon ass whoopin tomorrow afternoon!

  3. Prediction: WVU plays, statistically, the best game in its 99-year history. Duke can’t handle Joe Alexander. Ruoff puts up 30 points by being a perfect 10-10 from 3-point range. And WVU grabs every rebound. The final score is 78-57. NCAA officials and game officials gather at midcourt following the game and agree because Duke is Duke, they win and move on to the sweet 16.

  4. I was in the stands last night, and the refs really sucked some Duke dick. In spite of at least 3 blatent bad calls or missed calls in Duke’s favor down the stretch, Belmont still almost pulled it out. The refs are gonna screw WVU, but we can still win if we drive the lane. We will have to play small, again.

  5. Not to dwell on last night, but was AZ’s coach Kevin O’Neill or Jimmy Buffett? ‘Cause he looks like Jimmy Buffett.

  6. I looked at another O’Neill photo. Maybe he looks like Steve Dunlap.

  7. Also, check out the ESPN photo gallery and tell me that “West Virginia head (sic) coach Billy Hahn” doesn’t look exactly like Bob Huggins.

  8. Anybody else but me see Charley West on TV last night?

  9. How could you see me on TV, I’m just a figment of your imagination. Just like Keyser Soze.

  10. I’m just hoing our guys can keep it up. Looking at Duke they don’t impress me at all. I think they’re a little over hyped. I like our chances in this one, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we won big.

  11. Duke has less of an inside game than we do. If we guard their 3s, and we get scoring from someone other than alexander and butler, we will win.

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