SWEET 16!!

It was dicey, but this group of guys showed that I’m an idiot — and that they are all heart.

MVP Joe Mazzulla: 13 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, and 100% effort all damn day


12 Responses

  1. Congrats (I guess) from a Pitt fan (13-9), and thanks for not embarrassing the Big East (like UConn did). Of course, (that’s called a comma) we still have to play MSU tonight — so we still have a chance to blow our end of the deal (I need to use parenthesis more).

    See you at the Final Four (wishful thinking?)

  2. runner up was Thoroughman, Thoroughwhat? Thoroughman!

    Incredible game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just watched Coach K’s nc online. Say what you want about his teams (and commercials), but he was very complimentary towards us. Class act.

  4. With WVU taking out Duke
    and Villanova beating Clemson
    The ACC isn’t looking all that deep this year.

  5. Nice. How Sweeet it is!!

  6. Go baby, go.

  7. The ACC is exactly one team deep this year.

    Coach K is a douche.

    pit is about to get drewneitzeled.

  8. This was a hard game to watch.

    I’m a DUKE fan as big and as proud as I am a ‘EERS fan (proud family members who are alumni at both schools). When WVU was down, I was upset, when DUKE stayed down I was numb.

    HARD game to watch. So proud of my ‘EERS and what Huggs has been able to do. Sad day as a DUKE fan knowing Demarcus Nelson gave it his all. Coach K is a class act. Much of what is written about him is not always true.

    He respects the game of basketball and gave WVU hella props even before the game. He knew this would be a harder game than Duke has faced prolly since UNC.

    Anyway, it was a hard day for me. I felt like my two sons were competing. Heart overjoyed for WVU, heart broken for my DUKIES.

    Now, lets see this momentum continue and head for an elite 8 run.

  9. It was 8 assists, actually, but who’s counting?

  10. We hit our free throws. We hit our free throws. We hit our free throws. It made me happy in my pants.

  11. Still recovering – darn, we looked poised. When you’ve got a coach like that on the sidelines, a ten-point deficit looks a lot less threatening than going to the bench!

    Very, very, very proud of the guys, and the gals too!

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