This Just In: Pitt Still Sucks


Want to know why Pitt didn’t land star recruit Terrelle Pryor?

The chief reason he never looked at Pitt has to be that Pitt has a tough time putting fannies in the Heinz Field seats. Who wants to play in front of 25,000 when you can play before crowds four times as large at Ohio State?

You can argue that Pryor could have been the one to make Pitt a big winner and sell a lot of tickets. I’m not sure he has the time for that. Pitt, though taking a big step in the right direction by beating West Virginia Dec. 1, still has a long way to go. It didn’t even make it to a bowl game the past three seasons. If Pryor is as good as he appears, he won’t be in college all that long. He’ll be off to the NFL after three years.

No, Pryor wants to play for a national championship contender. That eliminates Pitt.

As much as Pitt fans want to yell and scream about “13-9,” they’re still just as irrelevant as always. Seriously, why think that anything is going to change when you don’t support your program?

When Logan Heastie and Tajh Boyd first stepped on Mountaineer Field, they were awestruck and wondered how great the place must be when sold out on gameday.  Think Pitt recruits imagine Heinz Field 1/3 full?


9 Responses

  1. Pitt will be ranked preseason (already is in some polls)


  2. Fuck Ohio State.

  3. The article couldn’t be more dead on. Pitt plays in front of a sparsely filled Heinz Field, and 25,000 is being a bit generous I think.

    Two, beating us DOESN’T guarantee Pitt will be any better next year. In fact, they are at best the fifth best team in the Big East next season. At best! Remember Dave Doucestedt is still the head man up there, and we know things can possibly get worse in the dying city.

    Three, any rational and sane college football fan will tell you that WVU still is the top dog in the Big East. We’re still the team that’s going to go to the BCS the majority of time, and have the infrastructure in place to do so for a long time.

    I’ve got a funny feeling “13-9” is going to come back and haunt that joke of a program in the long run. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket(Douchestedt already has) either, because winning a single battle won’t win you a war in the long run.

    The sad thing for Pitt this year will be when McCoy declares for the draft, thus shattering any hope of continued success up in the dying city. He prepped his first year out of high school, last year he was a freshman and now the kid is a sophomore. That should put him at 21 years old, right? Say bye-bye LeSean? Why the f— wouldn’t he want to get out of there?

    In addition, why would Pryor want to settle for the Tire and International Bowls at best while at Pitt? The best thing for him to do was leave. We should’ve had him, but I don’t mind seeing him at OSU. Anywhere is better than Pitt and Michigan.

  4. I’m still just elated that he didn’t go to UM.

  5. bmac21– Pitt ranked in what polls: NAMBLA football favorites? How did Pitt fare in its bowl game– oh, that’s right. Glad to see that your men’s basketball team is still alive in the NCAA’s– oh, wait a minute. Don’t worry Pitt fan, it will be business as usual this fall with WVU continuing to routinely whip your ass. Enjoy your minor victory, losers.

  6. The best part about Pryor going to OSU is that RR is shit out of luck now……lmao.

  7. pitt……………………

    Delusional bastards living in the shadows behind the Mountains of Morgantown. It is unbelievable to see these national publications pre-season ranking them in the top 25. Why because they beats us with a controversial coach calling ridiculous plays for 60 minutes.

    No bowl appearances in 3 years. No bowl wins in 7 years. They have had top 25 recruiting classes the last 3 years with nothing to show for it. There attendance ranked 6th in the big east last year. Yes even Uconn and Cincy (stadiums that only hold 30k) averaged more fans in attendance.

    They need to be investigated! There is no way any recruit in their right mind would want to go there. Yet they continue to land 5 and 4 star recruits. Is Wanstache giving ever recuit a personal blow. It must be his french tickler.

    Good news is that as long as Dave is the coach, then they will always lie in the pitts.

  8. Richfraud didn’t mention it at his post game press-conference–but the team that knocked WVU out of the national championship game was Pittsburgh. Which has now split the last 4 games the teams have played, despite WVU having far better talent.

    And that 13-9 score could have been 27-9 without some very iffy penalties.

    But there are some legitimate points made about Wannstache and Pitt in some of the above comments.

    Some Pitt fans have the same concerns about that victory–but most hope it gives something to build from . Appears that Pitt got some top recruits after the big upset win, and gained much more pub from upsetting WVU than playing in the Weedeater Bowl.
    WV should be the team to beat in the BE
    Pitt should be solid defensively (overlooked in the win against WVU was almost perfect tackling by Pitt)
    Offense should be improved–especially at QB and WR with the return of Stull and Kinder
    Hope the BE championship comes down to the 2008 BYB.

  9. May as well open up old wounds. This post all about how bad Pitt sucks, even after beating WVU last year… well now we beat you this year too.


    Have a nice day. And Hail to Pitt!!

    Oh, and I can see that WVU is going to remain the class of the Big East. At best they can finish second if Pitt loses next week and WVU wins. But WVU could easily be looking at a 3rd place or worse finish in this league. One year removed from elite team status, that isn’t too good. Pitt is headed in the other direction though- up.

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