Cam Thoroughman = BAMF

Cam Thoroughman has become a semi-celebrity among Duke haters everywhere for planting Gerald Henderson on his ass. Just watch and enjoy.

[courtesy Awful Announcing]


22 Responses

  1. And by “planting on his ass,” I assume you actually mean “walking briskly and finding no resistance.”

  2. It’s either that, or a random act of douchebaggery. That’s just lame.

  3. If by lame, you mean awsome, then yes, it is lame.

  4. The idea behind the video is not that Thoroughman is just a badass, but that Henderson cheap-shotted Cam and then flopped to the ground. Basically, it’s what you find in the encyclopedia under “Duke.”

  5. I’m not a UNC fan at all, but that bullshit cheap shot that Henderson put on T. Hansborough last year was horseshit (as was this push in the back against Cam)……..What a bitch.

  6. Charley, you nailed it. Henderson cheap-shotted Cam. THEN Cam “planted him on his ass.”

  7. I wouldn’t say Henderson cheap-shotted Cam. The ball was going up; Henderson was trying to get position for an offensive rebound. That’s just basketball

    Cam is lucky they didn’t call a techincal on him, which I think they could have very easily done. That was a cheap shot.

  8. Boy there is a fine line between tough play and a bad freshman mistake…….MM

  9. Stiles, what game did you watch? Clearly he’s pushing him out of the way for a potential rebound, not establishing position in a legal way.

    Cheapshots are those you don’t expect coming or see coming, at least in my book. Henderson should have expected something when he stood in front of him after the hard push, and he saw it coming.

    Don’t hate because your boy is a big dumb sissy mary.

  10. Stiles, Mike, where the hell are you FROM? My coach would have kicked my ass for taking shit from Henderson. If you give it, you better be able to take it. And I also think Singler grabbed Nichols arm on the way up the floor. Go home Stiles, your Mommy’s calling.

  11. What game did I watch? The WVU-Duke game. In person. Cheering for WVU. Although I was pretty high up.

    Look, my point is Henderson was making a basketball play. Yeah, he was pushing him in the back, but he was going for position on a rebound. It happens all the time in basketball.

    What Cam did isn’t a basketball play. It was a cheap shot.

  12. Cheap shot? Eh, he took shit the enitre game… with about 15 seconds to go in the game, I would have turned around and decked the guy. I applaud Cam for knocking him to the ground so effortlessly. Who cares if he COULD have gotten a technical at that point in the game?!

  13. Clearly a tittie-twister by Singler at 15 seconds.

  14. Stiles, its obvious that you were pretty high up and evidently pretty high when you watched this game. There’s 15 freakin’ seconds left in the game and he’s dipping his shoulder and elbow into a player’s back who has that position on the floor. That’s called a foul, not a basketball play. Furthermore, that was a certified Puke flop and everyone that watches that play including the refs knows it. If this were his first offense that would be one thing, but this is at least the 2nd time he has done something like this to another player after the game has been decided. Stiles, next time get yourself some better seats. You can’t see shit from up there.

  15. Typical Duke crap. They do this and Dickie V just says how hard they play and how much he loves them. Anyone else does this and people are horrified at the site of it, however Duke has Coach K and Latener and K-ville and Cameron Indoor and I hate Duke as much as I love the ‘eers.

  16. Stiles, What Henderson did was not a basketball move. Leaning and pushing on an opponents back to secure position for a rebound is part of the game. Henderson was a full step away from Cam and didn’t glide inconspicuously into his back in normal “basketball move.” Instead he lowered his shoulder and accelerated like Pete Rose barreling over a catcher. I’ve heard that Cam is looking for a good whiplash lawyer.

  17. I just got some new glasses. Maybe I’m seeing things differently then you folks.

    But I maintain I’m right. And you’re wrong.

    And that’s my last word on this stupid ass subject.

  18. Wow. How old are you Stiles? You’re acting like the assholes I go to school with over here in O-H-…N-O.

  19. I missed that one during the game…damn that was extremely entertaining.

  20. Pete Rose can go to hell, that fucking bastard ruined my childhood. Slide head first into a bed of nails while it is raining alcohol you piece of shit

  21. In my honest opinion, that was pretty verde.

  22. Stiles…’re an idiot.

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