Hump Day: Girls of Xavier Edition


Just kidding.

Originally, my actual plan was to try to find Xavier girls for Hump Day. Then I made the mistake of doing a Google Image search for “Girls of Xavier.” It wasn’t pretty. I ended up with pictures of three dudes and a horse. Not even a good horse, like Mister Ed or Sarah Jessica Parker. Just a regular horse. That didn’t bode well for my opinion of Xavier co-eds.

So, instead of Xavier, how about some old fashioned Victoria’s Secret T&A? Would that make you happy? Good. I was hoping you’d say that.





6 Responses

  1. These should be your stock photos for any girls of, where the school just blows.

    Thanks for making my day a little bit nicer.

  2. That first girl looks like she has a penis…

  3. I think you’re seeing a penis where you want to see a penis.

  4. I went to Xavier. We are not known for good looking girls. Here’s all you need to know. UC made shirts that read, “Xavier girls are ugly.” Xavier girls response to said t-shirts were ones that read, “Xavier girls rock.” Pretty much sums it up.

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  6. Sarah Jessica Parker does NOT have a horse face, or if she does, it’s a very expensive one…(Charley’s Mom)

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