Maybe Next Time


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  1. Yeah, that pretty much just plained sucked ass. I almost wish we’d just lose by 30 than keep giving away games this far in the tourney.

  2. Being such a close well-played game on both sides takes some of the sting out of the loss though, doesn’t it?

    Here’s to next year!

  3. As a Mountaineer you become accustomed to heartbreaking losses and surprising victories, but its part of the joy and privilege to have a football and basketball team that is good on a national level. Very few schools can claim that, especially schools the size of WVU. This team is just a preview of what Huggins as a coach is capable of doing. He took a team with players designed for a ball motion offense with no defense to a hard nosed in the paint defensive team. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with his own recruits that will better fit his system.

  4. I hope Wellington Smith is in the Coliseum today shooting free throws and learning how to make layups!!!!!!

  5. Devastation is what I felt last night for a few moments, but this morning the sun is shining (okay, technically it’s a freaking monsoon outside) and that lose doesn’t look that bad in the light of day. To come back from an 18 point deficit and loose in overtime? Not to shabby.

    My first thought this morning though: damn foul shots got us again.

  6. I hate losing. That’s what they/we get for talking so much shit.

  7. Foul shots did not beat us. Getting back on defense after going up 6…..when they got a quick layup…….turnover down 1……..guarding everyone on the out of bounds play……..going behind ball screens instead of in front……..those are the things that got us beat……and oh by the way……Xavier did not have to make 3 three pointers in OT…..but they did……mm

  8. Hard loss, yes…but I’m DAMN proud of what this team accomplished, especially considering what style it was built to do vs. what style it did this year.

  9. Picked in the preseason to finish TENTH in the Big East and earning the 5 SEED for the Big East Tourney.

    Advancing to the SWEET SIXTEEN and BEATING DUKE.

    What a GREAT run!!!!!

    Goodbye and THANK YOU to Daris (and Smalligan), and WELCOME BACK to 6 of our top 8 next year.

    I can’t wait.

  10. 2000Grad…we beat the hell out of Duke/ACC. I have never been a fan of talking shit but in that case, it was warranted. Wins over Notre Dame, OSU, Pitt, any ACC team, Penn State, and now Michigan should be allowed postgame smack talk.

  11. Just want to say Hi to the WVU blogger who decided to post smack all over the Pittblather blog after Pitt was defeated by MSU.

    You know who you are. You had your shot and you choked………again.


  12. sg44gold….thanks for putting it in perspective, but i’m still not over it.

  13. This was one of the few games I remember where you could actually SEE the different levels of experience between the teams, especially in the overtime. Experienced teams don’t make small mistakes, and they take advantage of small mistakes made by others. The WVU-UCLA game in Los Angeles a few years ago was that way, too: you could tell that WVU had five seniors on the court, and that UCLA had a group of really talented underclassmen.

    I just want to say one final THANK YOU to Darris, Jamie, and Ted. I wish we could have sent you off with a final win, but you should all be so proud of all you’ve accomplished. Know that WVU fans are definitely proud and thankful for all you’ve done for us over the years!

  14. We certainly had our chances but Xavier made those wide open 3s and it hurt…chewed my nails the whole OT.

    I am hoping that Joe A doesn’t try to go pro just yet.
    Anybody heard anything about that?


  15. I just took a peak over at bluegoldnews basketball forum. It might be time to just to nuke that thing and start over.

  16. Bulldog….Joe isn’t going anywhere, except to the Final Four next year.

  17. Some good news on a bad day……

    Family values at Michigan have gone to hell……no kididng…….only Arkansas is more of a business now….

    Article on starting offensive lineman calling it quits!

  18. I do not believe Joe A will go pro. He would be much better and have a better shot next year. I think he is smart enough to know that/

  19. I watched the game with the WVU alumni in San Diego (joltin’ joe’s on J street, hot bartender and flat screen TVs), what a gut wrencher. Until that last three, we still were going to win. UFB.

    Very proud of the guys and the team.

  20. Wellington, Wellington, Wellington! Can’t believe he drifted off that Xavier player that drained the three.

  21. Do we have a lot of alumni in San Diego?

  22. There were maybe 25 WVU folks there, and at least six of us were either out there for work or vacation, so not a real huge contingent. Met a couple West Virginians who now live out there, a nice group of folks.

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