X-Men’s Last Stand

Today we play the least of the Xaviers: Nady, McDaniel, and finally the Musketeers. Of course, Xavier is most famous for having the gayest French mascot this side of UVA. (Ed. note: Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Gay, that is. We certainly don’t approve of being French.)

Xavier is also probably referred to as the X-Men. I’m not really sure, but at least I sometimes do. Now, I typically hate comic books and comic book collectors — put down the guitar and frisbee, put on some shoes, and maybe mix in a shower every now and then — and comic book movies. And X-Men is no exception.

Sure, Halley Berry and the former real life Mrs. Jesse Katsopolis are amazingly hot, but anything with the name Wolverine in it receives my full wrath now.

So too does Xavier, college basketball’s ultimate coaching stepping stone. The school’s last 3 basketball coaches were Pete Gillem, Skip Prosser, and Thad Matta. All three left for greener pastures at BCS schools. And I will guarantee Sean Miller makes the same move within 3 years.

Xavier comes from the Atlantic 10, where FOURTEEN basketball schools compete. The A-10 actually has 15 members if you include ‘associate member’ West Chester, which competes in women’s field hockey only. Kind of like Notre Dame in the Big East, except more facial hair.

I have been reading about Xavier’s 6 players averaging double figures, which means they must be sharing the wealth over in Cincinnati. This sounds like pinko commy behavior and doesn’t sit any better with me than does the racial tension and Jerry Springer factor in the Queen City.

Obviously, the WVU basketball team has been reading this blog because it took my advice to start being awesome, and has been playing awesome lately.

And Bob Huggins would want nothing more than to beat his old cross town rival en route to an Elite Eight appearance. Rest assured, Billy Hahn has a hit out on the whole Musketeer nation if the Mounties fail to pull it out. But I don’t see that happening.

All I know is that the X’s will be seeing my O face today after the Mountaineers advance to play UCLA for the third straight year.


11 Responses

  1. I cannot wait for the game to come on tonight. Did you guys see where Huggins coaching record was ranked No. 5 out of the Sweet Sixteen coaches?

    On totally other fronts, I was enjoying non-Frauded day when I noticed Fox Sports (hooked to MSN or I’d never see it) has a little CFB headline you might find interesting: “Boren leaves Michigan: ‘Values have eroded’.” http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/7957476/Boren-leaves-Michigan:-'Values-have-eroded

  2. My comment disappeared. 😦

    I cannot wait for this game. Love this team. Did you see Huggins’s record was ranked No. 5 among Sweet Sixteen coaches this year?

    On totally other fronts, did you see this: http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/7957476/Boren-leaves-Michigan:-'Values-have-eroded

  3. well if we win this game i like are chances to get Devin Ebanks he is a 5 star baller, that got released from his LOI at Indiana because of the kelvin sampson firing


  4. At the risk of having three comments show up saying the same dang thing, I’m going to try to post this again with no links.

    Can’t wait for the game tonight! Cannot wait. Cannot drink coffee for fear it may increase the excited anticipation to the point that my veins explode.

    Did you see where Huggins’s record was ranked No. 5 out of all the Sweet Sixteen coaches? I think that was SN, but could’ve been Fox Sports (hooked to MSN, otherwise I’d never see it).

    Also, on other fronts, I notice there’s a story about Boren (one of two returning O-line starters) has left Michigan. Headlines say it’s because at Michigan “values have eroded.” Mhm. Sick of Fraud, but interested in seeing how this plays out among the Michigan faithful.

    Musketeer mascots = ghey. So much so that a does of dick-drooping saltpeter couldn’t keep that ghey at bay.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that a local radio station here in Cincy (1530 homer) has 72% of the residents pulling for Huggs and the eers to beat down the cities red-headed step child.

    Xavier’s fan base consists of Xavier students and alum. No one really cares if they do well or not. They are surrounded by Bearcats, Chumpeyes, Hoosiers, Cardinals, and the ever so abundant UK Wildcat faithful.

    Most importantly it is hard for the common fan to cheer for a University that does not have a freaking football team. And the call themselves X-men. Perhaps the Herd football team should schedule them next fall. But I doubt the herd D could hold the non-existent Xavier team to under 40 points.

  6. You guys are too clever! I love WBGV.net!

  7. Let it be known Charley West proclaimed that Joe Alexander will have a HUGE game. Book it.

  8. So let it be written. So let it be DONE!!!!!

  9. I just want Darris Nichols to score 13 points and reach 1,000 for his career. No one deserves it more than him. It’s always bugged me that Mike Gansey finished 24 points shy of 1,000.

  10. I don’t think it will be Alexander that has the HUGE game. Xavier does a good job of taking away what a team does best.

    My prediction is Butler will be the guy.

    And thank goodness someone has finally brought it to attention that Gansey finished 24 points shy of 1,000. I thought I was the only one that was kept up awake at night about this. Fist bump, 25314.

  11. Played a good game, this team overachieved to make it as far as we did. Sweet 16 was way more than this team was supposed to do, great year mountaineers.

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