Cleaning Out The Closet


The trees are buddinging, the birds are singing, and my room is starting to smell like someone pissed in my duck boots back in December. So fuckers, I’m cleaning out my closet and getting rid of a lot of shoes.

I have been sitting for about 15 minutes trying to think about something that really pissed me off here recently and I can’t think of anything. Sure, it would’ve been nice if we had gone after Josh Duncan more in the last 11 or so minutes but shit happens. Yeah, I wish WVU were in the Final Four but making the NCAA Tournament and then beating Duke was enough for me.

Have I gone soft or is the medication I’m taking really helping my temper? Either way I’m a content Mountaineer fan, for now, and I’m looking forward to the Gold-Blue game on April 19.

Now, I’m sure I’m one of the only people that feels this way so let out some steam and vent about what has been pissing you off recently.


8 Responses

  1. Actually I remembered someone that deserves a shoe to the face.

    All Pitt fans because you suck. 13-9? Bite me. Win a bowl game, have a winning season, and stop embarrassing yourself by admitting you are a Pitt fan.

  2. RR…not for leaving, I have gotten over that, but for not paying….that pisses me off

  3. I’m pissed for it being a dead period in WVU sports and having to grope back for something to bitch about. Yeah, fuck Pitt.

  4. Let’s face the facts people and rejoice in being a Mounatineer:

    -3 Straight bowl wins (2 BCS wins over rich traditional programs

    -3 straight 11 win seasons

    -4 Big East titles in the last 5 years

    -2 playboy all-americans in last 2 years

    -Highly touted heisman candidate returning for 2008 season

    – Devine Intervention to take the nation over in 2008

    – Recruited well in 08 despite loss of Fraud

    -Early favorite for #1 recruiting class in the country for 2009. Don’t hold your breathe

    -We have a young and exciting coaching staff taking the helms. Reminds me of Bill Walsh and his endless pipeline of great assistant coaches.

    -3 sweet 16 appearances in 4 years

    -1 NIT Championship

    – Truck and a few other top 100 players heading to Mo-town

    -OH yeah and we got HUGGY BEAR!

    So everything is ok on the Mounatineer front. Not many programs can boast our recent resume.

    But if I need to be pissed I’m gonna be pissed at WBGV for lack of nudity on humpdays. I’m sure your looking at it anyway. Atleast some amateur college girls from around the country. Or lie and tell us they are from Arizona State.

  5. As much as this hurts…a fellow Mountaineer needs help…so here you go. *Deep breath*


    Hope this helps…I need another shower…

  6. Get over it! Move on! Get laid! or jerk to your delight!

    We are on the map and here to stay!

  7. Pitt Fans will always live in the past! since you lost your stadium and dont have one you will suck! 4 national titles i here from my pitt friends! yeah 3 before WW2 and 3 of them you shared! Fuck you Pitt ! Pitt fans are bitch-tit fucks! I hate Pitt and RR they will suck and live in the past together! We are future and current Champions!

    WV- FUcking U

    PS lets play a pick up game ! Say this weekend @ heinz field where we will bring more fans!

  8. I’m pissed that WVU is raising the bar for success at WVU. Come on, isn’t it cooler to win a big game once a year than be a powerhouse in the BCS?

    Oops, that’s what it would be like to be a sPitt fan.

    I’m pissed that Pitt even has a fan base. Seriously, is the mental retardation of the steel industry effecting their college sports area of their brain? Can’t they just be steeler fans? That and maybe pirate fans too.

    To get worked up about pitt football is just sad and pathetic. Nobody comes to your games, you have to “share” facilities with a pro team, and honestly, they don’t like you either.

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