Next Time, Take Some Pride In Your Work

In what might just perfectly sum up the West Virginia University experience, I give you this beer pong table.

Basically, if you encapsulated all of my hopes and dreams into a piece of particle board and 2 by 4s, you would end up with this beer pong table.

In other news, this table is almost enough reason to actually party with engineering students. Almost. Nice try nerds.

PS: Props for Flo Rida.

PPS: If you can do the same thing, except with a naked woman instead of the flying WV, call me at 293-2821.

[Thanks to BCWVU]


5 Responses

  1. “Nice try Nerds” — lmao
    Too bad they’ll be playing with themselves!

  2. I thought it was a nice table. Way to much time cost for you to sell. your welcome

  3. That’s pretty cool. Except it looks like it might have taken a year to put together. One would think that it would do alot more than just flash lights. Oh well, I still want one.

  4. Im the builder of this table, We get plenty of girls, we are not just nerds playing with ourselves, and it took a 2 month on and off to complete. just flashing lights is a lot of work, lets see someone do better.

  5. Flo Rida sucks.

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