Rodriguez Court Hearing: Verdict…

MORGANTOWN – Mon County Judge Robert Stone heard pretrial motions in the Rich Rodriguez case today.  He granted WVU’s request for all documents related to RR’s hiring and negotiations with Michigan, and RR’s motion to produce evidence that he was fraudulently induced into signing his contract with WVU. 

The motion by both parties to expedite the trial before summer’s end was denied.

With the topic of Rich Rod on the radar again, I ask you to ponder this question:

If you were locked in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Rich Rodriguez, and given a gun with two bullets, whom would you shoot?   

I know I would shoot Rich Rod twice.  The other two wouldn’t have lost to Pitt.


20 Responses

  1. wah wah wah, sorry Rich, you missed bucket number 6



    1. Shocking that Stewart Mandel (who defended Rod all along) would be given access to normally closed practices.

    2. I don’t know how I feel about this quote: “It’s weird,” joked senior cornerback Morgan Trent. “It’s like we all transferred to West Virginia.”

    3. 3 returning starters on the O-Line have quit the team.

  3. If I was locked in a room with those 3, I’d shoot the lock to try to get out. And if that didn’t work, I’d shoot myself.

  4. Daddy says don’t waste good ammo. I’d make RR eat the fuckin’ gun.

  5. I hope the O-line thinks about Family Values. I hope UM thinks about family values now, because they didn’t think about them when they hired RR. Shoot, if they aren’t used to getting cussed at, and RR is a master cusser, think they would have got cussed at after the AppySt game.

    Maybe we can get some UM transfers.

  6. I wish we could get more than 4 mill from that fag!

  7. Man, do you remember when those 4 yahoos went out to the airport to heckle that poor guy and his family? That was a tragedy for those poor kids.

    Were they there today?

  8. I just read where Rich Rod’s lawyers said the 4 million dollar buy out was like a slave buying his freedom. Does this mean Michigan’s lawyers and administration are slave owners?

  9. you forgot about them dismissing the Foundation.


    “Rodriguez did not attend the two-and-a-half hour hearing, but his wife did.

    “We will not back down,” Rita Rodriguez said.”

    So that’s where his balls went…….

  11. Hey I was there in the court room today april 3, 2008 read my inside information about that now and dont laugh too hard

  12. Do yourselves a favor and read the comments about the RR = slave episode at Deadspin. Hi-larious:

  13. 2. I don’t know how I feel about this quote: “It’s weird,” joked senior cornerback Morgan Trent. “It’s like we all transferred to West Virginia.”

    Rodriguez is stripping a lot of things Michigan and overhauling things into his image.

    Then again, Ryan Mundy did transfer from Michigan last year and had his best year as a college player at West Virginia.

  14. Did anyone see Rods wife on the news? Wow she looked like hell. Her quote was…. I just cant understand why the people of West Virginia isnt proud to have a local man coaching a school like Michigan. What has Michigan done lately? I hpoe he does as well as John Belien. What a pair of dicks

  15. Are there any transcripts to what Rita said? Where can I find her quotes? And by God I don’t want any pictures of her.

  16. Go here and click on the watch the story link under the WV logo

  17. Rita is a real skank. How frickin’ old is she, I would guess she is in her 60’s.

  18. I know the man that used to clean their pool at Cheat Lake. Rita always did her best to try and get this guy to fuck her. He said she always had a glass of wine in her hand and smelled of cigarettes. He also said her breast implants were funky.

  19. Carbon dating is the only way to find her true age. I think I have a catcher’s mit that looks like her.

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