Gold-Blue Game NOT Blue-Gold

Saturday, April 19, 2008 will go down in history as the start of something great. It is the unveiling of this new fangled offense that will put the new era of Mountaineer Football in motion. Do you want to miss it? Hell no, so get your ass to Mountaineer Field to see the Gold-Blue Game. Granted, we won’t fill the place like ‘Bama or Nebraska but we should at least pack the lower level and some of the upper deck press box side.

From the jump HCBS has done nothing but move WVU in the right direction. He secured one of the best coaching staffs in the nation, solidified the ’08 recruiting class, handled discipline problems swiftly, and always says the right thing. All of that is great for a fluff piece but I want to see results on the field.

I want to see Noel Devine line up as the slot receiver, go in motion, get the hand-off, and take it to the bridge. I want our tight-end to throw a block and then slip out over the middle for a completion. I want to see Pat White take a three step drop and hit Dorrell Jalloh over the middle for a 15 yard gain. I want our offense to take it to another level.

I want defensive coordinators to literally shit their pants on the opposing sidelines wondering about our next play call. I want 430+ yards a game. I want Pat White and Noel Devine to both be in New York when the Heisman Trophy is awarded.

What about the defense?

Don’t worry about the defense my friends because Jeff Casteel will have them in the top 15 nationally again. We may have lost some a ton of quality guys but we are going to reload with the likes of Lankster, Boogie, Dervil, and Thomas. I have hated this defensive scheme over the years but I am now a believer.

Finally, I want to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that WVU is here to stay among college football’s elite programs. It starts tomorrow, so let’s show our support and get at least 20,000 people to the Gold-Blue Game tomorrow afternoon.

If you haven’t heard yet you should read Hickman’s article from the Gazette and smile because Fraud is a fucking idiot and appears to be screwed. HICKMAN and ESPN


11 Responses

  1. We Taken Over !

    Le’ts GO! Mountaineers!

    I’m making a road trip, just like it is a regular season Game!

  2. (In my best Flounder voice,) Oh Boy!! This is gonna be great!!

    Of course, we won’t see the best of the new stuff, but at least we will get to see Will J, Starks, and the new secondary in action (what yard stick to use for DBs?). Come on WVU, take it up a notch.

    ESPN CFL predicts less than 10 wins. Make them eat it. Take it, you ESPN hampster McLovin’ bitch, take it.

  3. I’ll be making the trip from Cincinnati. I have a vendor that I worked with gave me 2 diamond seats ($240 each) to the reds game on Saturday. I have always wanted try these seats out, but there is no freaking way I’m missing the debut of the eers.

    Don’t worry I sold the tix on Ebay for $350. Should pay for my entire weekend of boozing in mo-town!!!

  4. Nasty, now that’s what i call committment! I feel like such a slacker now.

  5. I dislike our former coach.

  6. I don’t like our former coach either. I also don’t like those that associated with his assholeish nature and have continued to support him for their own personal gain.

    Not just me, but others as well, would not have followed their direct superior to a new job, if they had the opportunity to do so. I believe that quality individuals think individually. That is lacking in some of our former coach’s associates.

    Oh, and Looking forward to the spring game today. Friend arrived last night on a flight from NC to attend the game.

  7. That was one of the most boring things I’ve ever attended in my life. Live ever.

  8. Well, did we win the fucking game or not? Yes, we did.

  9. What was the line on this game?

  10. We had a great time at the game. I didn’t really expect it to be “exciting.” I took my wife and 18 month old…it was his first time at a game, and he had a pretty good time giving people high fives and saying “let’s go!”
    We also took my in-laws friend from England, who happened to be wearing an “England” shirt….so some guys in the parking lot made him do a keg-stand to “show him how we do it in West effin Virginia.” He thought it was hilarious, and also had a great time.
    Great weather, awesome atmosphere, and a pretty good looking football team. I can’t ask for much more on a Saturday in April.

  11. Any truth to the RUMOR that T. Kerns has qualified??

    Anybody have any actual facts??

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