The Gold-Blue Game Happened

Well, color me pleasantly surprised. Between the beautiful weather, huge crowd (at least by WVU standards), and general lack of interest in the on-field action, the Gold-Blue Game was a complete success.

When I say complete lack of interest, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One, it looks like no one got hurt. That’s always a plus. Second, no one had a HUGE game. Sure, Najee Goode had a billion tackles, but it wasn’t a Brandon Barrett-type superstar game. This saves me a summer free of unneeded hype. And considering I am easily swayed by hype, this is also a good thing.

As for the game, it’s obvious we’re going to pass more, but from my eye, we are not a passing team. This is a good thing. I feel like Mullen is attempting to run the WVU offense how it was originally intended to be run.

Basically, the idea is to read the defense and keep them off-balance. Running 90% of the plays simply can’t keep safeties honest. Passing the ball — meaningful, downfield passes included — can really help to free up running lanes for our bread and butter.

I’m sure 25314 is still locked in his fallout shelter, but I feel relieved after the gameplan we saw Saturday.


6 Responses

  1. I’ll have to agree….I was more interested eyeing the co-eds in attendance. I forgot how much I love Motown in nice weather. The team didn’t impress me, although didn’t scare me either. I’ll feel better when the full compliment of OL is back in action.

  2. Who is this Najee Goode character? Tell me more…

  3. No Motion as per Stew. Mullen wants motion to be a big part of the O, and was told that they would not show that in the Old Gold Game. Ok, Gold Blue Game.

    It looked as if Stew said, “We know we can run the option, but with two hand touch on the QB this won’t be fun, so lets throw the ball all day and make teams wonder what we are doing.”

    Really starting to like Stew. Can’t wait until September. If I could take a pill and sleep until the first home game I would.

  4. But then you would miss the NBA Playoffs, WV Couch. No one would want to do that, right?

  5. Will the playoffs even be over by then?

  6. By September the NBA playoffs consist of consecutive Sunday sack races until a winner is declared.

    Sounds like someone needs a dose of Hibernol.

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