I’m A Big Boy Now!

Well, it is about to happen. I never thought this day would come but I’m about to do something I’ve never done. I’ve thought about it many times and always wondered what it would feel like. No, I won’t be getting to have sex with a woman that is awake. I’m moving away from West Virginia.

It is a little scary to leave Mountaineer Country for a place where Cocks rule. San Francisco? No. I’m moving to the low country of South Carolina.

Yes, By-Godders I’m leaving almost heaven for the smiling faces and beautiful places of South Carolina. I’ve lived in West Virginia my entire life and I honestly don’t know why I’m leaving. Something in the pit of my stomach just told me it was time.

At first, I thought the feeling was Casa pizza on top of a night of drinking but the feeling didn’t go away. It just kept building and building until it was time to leave the safety of these beautiful West Virginia mountains. The South is calling and I’m ready to infiltrate SEC country and indoctrinate them in the greatness of Mountaineer football.

West Virginia will always be home to me. No matter how far away I move or how long I’m gone in the back of my mind I will always be longing for Wild’n Wonderful West Virginia.

To those of you calling me a traitor or a turncoat, I’m sorry. I’m still going to religiously follow my Mountaineers. I’m a Mountaineer until I die. Every chance I get I will rock out my vast collection of Mountaineer apparel. There is no way in hell that I will get sucked into the “pageantry” of the great SEC.

Down south they think the only college football worth a damn is the SEC. I’m not going to lie they play great football in the SEC but they also pay their players, so it shouldn’t count. The SEC is a less educated version of the NFL, if that is possible. The SEC is the southern version of the mafia. If Rutgers wanted to pay its athletes for no-show jobs they would just put in a call to Tony Soprano. Of course, all the commentators overlook these facts and just slurp the SEC all day. If I have to hear any more about Tebow being Superman I will actually see if he is faster than a speeding shoe.

What did that last paragraph have to do with anything? I just got a little mad and went off on a tangent, back to my point.

Mountaineer Field and the Red Lot will be my residence on gamedays. It’s easy to hit up the Daily Mail, Gazette, and messages boards for the latest news and rumors about Mountaineer sports. Also, don’t worry because I still get to post on the best blog on the “interweb.”

So after my move is complete I will be back to posting regularly. Living in SEC country will give me plenty of fodder for my “shoes” column so expect many more of those over the summer.

I’m going to miss the beautiful mountains and the sound of water flowing down little mountain streams. I will miss my family. But, what I will miss the most are all the friends I’ve made while attending the greatest University in all the land. Whether it was a Thursday night in Morgantown or trip in a WVU van to an away game. I had the best times of my life with friends I met at WVU. I just want to say thanks and you’ll see me again real soon.

Finally, if any of you have advice on life as a Mountaineer fan outside of West Virginia please let me know. Lord knows I will be going through Mountaineer withdraw within hours of leaving the country roads of West Virginia.


33 Responses

  1. Welcome to the sunny South. I have lived in North Myrtle Beach for 14 years now (since leaving WVU). Do not fear!! There is a HUGE Mountaineer following in the South…..especially in NC and SC. Find a favorite watering hole and there is bound to be a Mountaineer nearby.

  2. some advice ?
    well i moved away over twenty years ago and i am still having withdrawl, once the gold and blue gets in your system it is truly for life. we live smack in the middle of acc country (greensboro, nc ) and it sucks big time especially during basketball season. with huggy on board now that will change soon. just never forget where you came from and you will be fine. oh and by the way, these people down here are still fighting the civil war, just be warned, lol.

  3. 5th Year Senior,

    Althought I’m not from West Virginia originally, I graduated from WVU back in 2002. I share the same sentiments as you do. The best times of my life so fare were the years spent in Morgantown.

    I too am preparing to leave my home state of New Jersey. Yes, I know you’re probably getting a big chuckle and asking WTF is wrong with me! However, I am thinking of making a jump to either LA or San Diego in the early summer. My brother lives in LA and the West Coast beckons me.

    It’ll be a tough choice for me to go, but I’m at a crossroads in my life and I think leaving this awful state is in my best interests. I think as you get older, and spend the overwhelming amout of your life in the same place these feelings are only natural.

    You are leaving true beauty in the great state of West Virginia, but we know you’ll represent well in SEC country.

    Good luck, and I hope things work out for you.

  4. I am originally from WV. I moved away about 7 years ago to the Washington DC area. I caught hell all the time from Terps fans and how great the ACC is. I switched firms while down there, and went to one that was split between VT and MD fans. The MD fans actually sided with me about loyalty and the traitors that are the Hokies. I’ll be honest it was rough going, but I survived. Then this past summer I moved back closer, I’m now in Pittsburgh and dealing with these terrible terrible Pitt fans.
    You can find bars that usually show as many football games as they can. I never had a problem finding the WVU game as long as it was televised. The internet helps as well.
    Best of luck. I have a good bit of friends in the Carolinas. They love it. You’ll have to put up with the basketball stuff, but they have no clue what real football is, so you’ll be fine.

  5. You’ll quickly meet the other displaced Mountaineer fans in South Carolina. I dont know how or why, but expatriate West Virginians find each other like bears find honey. And living in a land without the gold and blue, where others will single you out as “the guy from WV,” will make you more proud of being a WVU grad than you ever were before.

  6. South Carolina sucks!….Sorry.

  7. While having grown up in nature’s air conditioned city(Bluefield), I have lived in Louisiana for the last 17 years and still long for the mountains. I now have three kids who all understand that God himself must have been a mountaineer because the sky is blue and the sun is gold. Life in SEC country is a job at educating people about the greatness of the blue and gold nation.

  8. 5th year, you will be suprised how many Mounties live in SC. If you are going to be anywhere near the Myrtle Beach area you will have no trouble finding a social gathering at many and I mean many, fine drinking establishments that will have every game WVU plays, FB or BB, on the big screen. You will be surrounded by fellow Mountaineers raising very loud alcohol induced Hell They all have the NFL and college gameday packages. I have been in MB since the early 80’s and if someone tells you they were born there, then ask where their parents are from, 9 out of 10 will tell you WV. I’d tell you where my daughter bartends, but it’s not a WV bar.

  9. The 25314 will also be living out-of-state for the first time begining in mid-May. I will be traveling to the heart of Chris Beatty territory – Virginia Beach/Hampton-Roads/The Tidewater – to spend the summer tracking Mountaineer recruiting for WBGV.net, keeping a close eye on Landsdown, Phoebus, Chesepeake, Bethel, and Warwick High Schools.

  10. 5th Year…I moved to NC 10 years ago and I will always fly the WV flag proudly on the front of my house. The WV symbol is on my vehicles, boat, and home. I have met so many people in NC who are from WV so you will be surprised at how many Mountaineers there are living elsewhere, but we all long to be back in the mountains. NC is not my home…WV will always be.
    One last thing, invest in a Sirius satellite radio. They carry all the WVU games. Best of luck on your move to SC.

  11. I lived in WV all my life and moved away when I first graduated in 2004. Is it hard? Yes, it is. I won’t lie to you. You miss everything. You miss the mountains, the people, the atmosphere, and yes you even miss Morgantown traffic. It IS a withdrawal. It’s funny most spend their young lives wanting to leave WV and after they do…they spend their adult lives dreaming of retiring in WV. I missed WV so much I used the excuse of getting a second degree to come back. Now that I’m back…I will never leave again. AT the very MOST, if I do leave, I will stay within driving distance of Morgantown on fall Saturdays.

    Good luck with the move!

  12. And one more thing…you will be able to spot a flying WV from ten miles away.

  13. You will find many WVU fans in SC. Come home as often as you can and you will be fine. I lived out of state for 12 years, made me appreciate WV so much more.

  14. I’m in PA about 2 hours from Morgantown. I live in Johnstown Pa where most are Pitt fans or Penn State. I have taken many friends to the blue lot to tailgate and lets just say I got some to trade over and man was that a great feeling. Also I have found many WV fans here. Life most go one where ever you may be, but you will always bleed blue&Gold ! See you on the weekends. Ha even go 10 of my friends to wear santa suites to the Pitt game with me. Most of them were Penn State fans and some were Pitt Fans who actually wanted us to win that game. Go Eers!

  15. Rather be Homeless and broke in WV than rich in SC.

    Ok, so that is Bullshit.

    Go where you can do the most good, for yourself, your family, and your career.

    For you, Ok, but RR not so much.

    Go forth to the land of the Cock and Palm Tree, Teach them the way of the Mountaineers.

    Oh, and really, if you have to be homeless, go to Hawaii, you won’t die of cold. Or Key West, but you might die of OD or Cockeye.

  16. I moved away from WV for the first time last May (at 23yrs old) to Pittsburgh. Its ok, but just not the same. Frankly the people aren’t the least bit friendly in comparison and seem to think that WVians are inferior even though Pittsburghers are dirtier and often less educated. You’ll find things that you’ll like about South Carolina, but it will never be ‘home’ to you and you’ll miss family like crazy.

    You’ll see fellow WVians here and there and you’ll feel some kind of connection to them (often they’ll feel it too). Be proud, you’re from a unique place in the world that has a habit of producing “old fashioned” people who appreciate loyalty and conduct themselves with a sense of honor. WVians are some of the greatest people on earth, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of them ; )


  18. I dont know what its like in SC but here in Columbus The Ohio State University is a cult. People swarm to worship the scarlet and gray, wheter its football or science labs, its the only thing they know here and frankly its pathetic…downright embarrasing. My advice, any SEC garb that you have, give it away, it means nothing to you and the locals really think it came from your heart..they dont need to know you just wanted out of your basement to make room for the Old Gold and Blue of WVU.

  19. At least you’re not going to Ohio like I did. But it was for school… and that’s over in 17 days. THANK GOD. After 4 years in the “Buckeye State” I’ve realized this: If I ever move, it will never be permanent. I could never live away from WV. Ohio sucks, the people can’t drive, and there’s no sweet tea. So for you, moving south is better than west. NEVER move somewhere that doesn’t have sweet tea. That is my most valuable piece of advice.

    Oh and people hate it when you wear WV stuff out of the state, so do it often. You’ll actually make alot of friends who went to WVU, though, so that’s a good point. Good luck in SC!!

  20. I’m interested to hear where in SC you’ll be living. I lived in the upstate for 10 years, and it all stays pretty orange from Clemson. If you are going to be in the piedmont or low country, you will see more South Carolina garnet and black. But the good news is that South Carolina is only in the SEC because the ACC wouldn’t invite them. They are always at the bottom. Clemson is in the ACC and they are pretty obnoxious about football, but then basketball rolls around and they get shut down by the other powerhouses there.

    I live in NC now, so I’ve had to get used to the other dynamics, but you will ALWAYS find a WVU fan – you will know it by a license plate, and t-shirt, a flag, hat, etc. And the stores at the malls are starting to pick up WVU items. I even saw a WVU Mountaineer pennant in the window of a sports store in Raleigh last week!

    Best of luck – the drive up to WV is not that long, and you’ll appreciate it with a renewed vigor!

  21. Thanks for the well wishes and advice. The boxes are piling up and it is finally starting to hit me. Damn, I’m going to miss this place.

    I’ll be listening to Country Roads as I leave WV on Sunday.

  22. Best of luck on your travels, 5th year. I’ve never lived outside of WV, but I do know that I always tend to miss the moutains even during silly little vacations (I’m positive flat land is evil)…but the feeling that you get when you cross over the border and back into the state…is amazing. And the best news is that you will be greeted by the “Wild and Wonderful” signs on your journeys home.

  23. Have fun down there. I’m in the lowcountry (Charleston/Mt. Pleasant) 2-3 times a year. I usually don’t have trouble keeping up with the Mountaineers when I’m down there. Thanks to Metronews All-Access, you don’t have to miss Tony and the nightly show — thanks to ESPN PPV, you can get the other 4 games we play NOT on ESPN.

    Just try to make it back to Mountaineer Field and the Coliseum once in a while. Good luck!

  24. You find WVU fans wherever you go – even in Santa Cruz, CA. With ESPN 360, Gameday and the national broadcasts it is easier than ever to catch Mtneer games on TV. Just be sure to invest in Sirius radio, hearing the radio broadcast brings back the memories.

  25. I sure hope you’re moving to Charleston…(yeah, the other Charleston)!. It is one great town…great restaurants and bars, and long-legged beautiful women with brains all over the place. I wasn’t much of a fan of the rest of the state though…way too many airplane bottles…sure hope they ditched that law\…

  26. They did.

  27. They did and now you have to order doubles.

  28. 5th Year, which city will you be in? I’m in Greenville. I hear there’s a small contingent of Mountaineers fans here, but I haven’t seen too many yet.

  29. yeah SC sucks sorry for your luck dude and it’s a long way from motown and they never show big east games down there. I lived in charlotte and it was hard to even find games there.

  30. I live in Charleston, SC and we have a great WVU alumni group here. We meet up each week for games in the fall and have cookouts and social gatherings throughout the year. It’s so much fun and Charleston is the great plus the weather ain’t bad. The good thing is that while many SC “natives” will at first think you’re a yankee, they will soon realize, “West Virgin-Yins” are great people who like their football and booze just as much as a “South Kak-a-lack-i-an.” Living here for 7 years now, I understand many of my friends die hard feelings for Clemson as those are mine for WVU. Clemson fans are good folk and usually like to talk about the Mounties as RichDick, left their school for ours back in the day. Don’t know too many Cocks — he he! Of course though, no one beats Mountaineer fans and the people in West By God Virginia.
    visit: http://www.lowcountryeers.com
    Hope to see you at some events!

  31. Dear 5th Year Senior – As you probably know all of Charley West’s family has moved to Charleston South, at least temporarily. I must confess that I spend many of my days hunting down the owners of cars with WV license plates and then engaging them in endless conversation about the Mountain State. However, we welcome you; you can even take Charley’s place – his bedroom is available. In the meantime, I have signed up for the social committee of the alumni association, so we look forward to seeing you soon! Call us when you are settled and can I get rides with you when you go back home?

  32. I moved away from West Virginia last June. It was sad, but I got over it. I still wish I could move back, though. I currently reside in North Carolina, so I am a little north of you!

  33. Oh yeah, also, you will probably miss the mountains. I still think it is strange not seeing the majestic mountains out the window and the rolling hills. Now all I see is trees and flat land.

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