Word of the Day: ATTACKLE

I love Head Coach Bill Stewart. Really, love. L-O-V-E.

Is it because he’s a good coach? Nope. Is it because he’s a nice guy? Nope. Is it because he’s not Rich Rodriguez? Close, but still no. It’s because he’s the best public speaker since Patrick Henry.

Seriously, watch this video. I know, I know, we’ve all seen it before. But seriously watch it this time. Especially watch at the :44 mark where he goes off script and starts making up words.

You see that? What better advice to give to a team than “attackle?” C’mon, it’s a lethal combination of attack and tackle. There’s no way Oklahoma was ready for that shit. They might as well not even come out on the field.


13 Responses

  1. Coach Stew is my hero. The man sure as hell knows how to pump people up.

  2. I would love to see this as a Tshirt

    On the front: “Mountaineer Pride”

    On the back: “FROM THE HEART!”

  3. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/index

    Great article above and all access video on the right!

    We Taking Over ! Im so Pumped !

  4. Attackle? That is positively scrumtrillescent.

  5. Dude……I love those lockeroom pep talks. It gives me goosebumps watching it. Is it August yet?

  6. He’s right about never leaving your wing man. I left my wing man once and he ended up in the arms of a chubby girl. And no one likes to see that.

  7. I hate to ruin the party … but

    I believe he says “attack’em” not “attackle”.

    Ah … the hell with it … if Stew wants WVU to “attackle” them, then I’m behind him 100%!!!!!!!!

  8. this literally brought tears to my eyes

  9. the full HIGH QUALITY version is included on the new DVD Mountaineer Pride (MAC club sent it to me for my donation), along with Owen’s classic post-Fiesta comments. Can anybody get the HQ version ripped and posted?

  10. What ever happend to hump day?

  11. HUMP DAY??

  12. How bout this for a Tee Shirt

    Front: “never leave your wing man”

    Back: “Attackle”

  13. This and draft day number 2 at the same time is almost unbearable. I want to see the gold and blue kick some ass so bad I can hardly stand it.

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