The Check Actually Was In The Mail

In an almost stunning turn of events — considering our recent track record with this sort of thing — John Beilein sent WVU a check for $290,000. This represented the first installment of the $1.5 million he owes the school due to his contract buyout.

Beilein made the first payment “under protest” and again expressed his displeasure with the liquidated damages clause. He called it “unenforceable” and said it is “grossly disproportional to any actual damages that may have been incurred by the University and is void as a matter of public policy.”

Beilein also left open the possibility he might contest the settlement in the future.

“At this time, I have chosen not to initiate legal proceedings to declare the Agreement and the related liquidated damages provision in the Employment Agreement void but reserve my right to seek future action,” he wrote.

“I urge the University to stop using the liquidated damages provision in its employment contracts because such provisions are illegal, onerous, and violate public policy.”

Eh, who cares. As long as the check clears, he can huff and puff all he wants.

To be honest with you, I would be disappointed if he didn’t. After all, he’s stuck in a basketball quagmire in Ann Arbor while CBH might have a Final Four caliber team in Morgantown next year.

This does, however, officially move Beilein below Rodriguez on the WVU hate power rankings. Here is the updated list:

  1. Rich Rodriguez
  2. Adolph Hitler
  3. Josef Stalin
  4. Yanni
  5. John Beilein

As long as the check clears.

[Mike Casazza @ Daily Mail]


17 Responses

  1. I hate him. At least Rod doesn’t hide from being a snake in the grass. Beilein tries to act like a nice guy. And unfortunately still has alot of people fooled. Look at his statement- he’s learned alot about liquidated damages over the last THREE years. That would place him at the scene of the crime, begging to get the Indiana and N.C. State jobs, only to be turned down because of the, then, 3 million dollar liquidated damage clause. (And then denying ever having an interest in the jobs….he didn’t comment on job openings you know…)

    In retrospect I wish he had left then, and allowed us to sign Huggins…and Beasley, Walker, and Mayo. And the absence of Patrick last year probably would have saved thousands of Morgantown girls from STDs.

  2. I don’t know why there is a smily face there. I SWEAR I simply typed in a closing parenthesis. No need to revoke my man card.

  3. Mr. The 25314

    We regret to inform you that your man card is officially on probation pending further review. All rights and privileges of this card are suspended as well, due to your blatant disregard of the Man Code, section 4.2, clause A, which explicitly states “under NO circumstances will any man ever use emoticons while typing, as well as even know what an emoticon is (less this commttee, who is paid to know these things).”
    The Male Action Network (M.A.N.) will inform you of our decision as soon as one has been rendered by the committee.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    Jon D.

  4. Regarding your hate power rankings …

    I agree with 1 and 2.

    I would remove Stalin, no one remembers who he is. I would put Yanni at 3 and put one of those current Chinese asshole leaders at number 4 (pick one, there are several to choose from).

    And … I would drop Beilein from the list. At this point he is Mr. Irrelevant at WVU (other than the fact that he owes us money). Maybe add that booster asshole in Arizona that supported Fraudriquez at number 5.

    Just a thought.

  5. 4. Dave Wannstedt
    5. John Beilein

    (and with man cards being revoked, I’m not going to even comment on Yanni)

  6. Stalin killed 20 million people. As much as I dislike Dave Wannstedt, it’s tough for me to put him above Stalin. Though, they both have/had mustaches, so they’re still in the same neighborhood.

  7. 6. Marvin Graves/Paul Pasqualoni – tie

    (still pissed about 1992)

  8. 7. Alex Van Pelt (still pissed about 1989)

  9. Satan would be a nice distant #2 behind Rodriguez. Although, I hear they summer together with Rita and her family.

  10. at the Crypt

  11. 10. Frank Beamer

    (not sure about 8. and 9. yet, but Beamer is definately in the top 10)


    I just thought that everyone would like to know that Michigan really is Hell… I just thought it was closer to Ann Arbour.

  13. As a Pennsylvania native …

    I would put Joe Paterno at 9.

    Corpses that refuse to die and continue to walk the earth scare the HELL out of me.

    They are SCARIER than “carnies”.

  14. He’s obviously waiting to see how the Rodriguez case turns out to see whether he’s gonna finish paying or not.

    Also pretty funny that to me that it’s a personal check and not a cashier’s check or something to that effect.

  15. Um, John D.? I think the same thing goes for gay-ass acronyms like “M.A.N.”

  16. duly noted.

  17. LOL Loved the list but shouldn’t Joe Pa be on there somewhere? Keep up the good work!

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