The (Hungover) Friday Kitchen Sink Post

Cleaning out a crowded notebook and a cluttered mind (or in other words, an idea stolen from Dave Hickman):

  • While Charley West’s candidacy is certainly looking up, Craig Walker still has a stranglehold on the not-so-soon-to-be vacant AD position. Jack Bogaczyk — who I like more than Dave Hickman simply because I’m bitter that I can’t grow a sweet goatee — hit the nail on the head today about Walker’s chances in 2010. By then, this Bresch scandal will just be a fond memory for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Unless, of course, President Garrison continues to cause trouble, either by handing out bogus degrees, negotiating another 7 year contract to play Marshall, or getting caught with a transvestite prostitute. Though I’m not sure which of those is more likely to get you fired.
  • Recruiting, which is like porn to me in the offseason, is still just kicking ass. According to, we currently have signed one 5 star, two 4 stars, three 3 stars, and the best named prospect in America (Branko Brusic — I might be making that last part up, but what an awesome name). Seriously, how great is it to be finally reaping the benefits of a top 10 program on the recruiting trail? It probably helps to have Doc Holliday as recruiting coordinator — instead of Tony Gibson, who on an intelligence level ranks well behind both Holliday, the tricycle-riding bear at the circus, and the gum that stuck to my shoe earlier today.
  • It’s been years too long, but thank goodness were are finally going to be seeing a new basketball court in the Coliseum. WVU, always one to get in right at the end of bad trends (see: batwings and football uniforms), has just had a monstrosity of a court. Luckily, that will change this year. My vote is for something simply and understated, like this (minus the silly tiger logos):


  • Either that or a mural of naked chicks.
  • Speaking of classing up the joint, how about we do something at Mountaineer Field to at least make it look like the school is trying to honor the past. The Sam Huff retired number display is one of the more embarrassing sights I have ever seen. Why not spend more than $20 and go some place other than Michael’s Arts and Crafts to get it done. If it were me, we would have his name and jersey number on the face of the upperdeck tomorrow. That and the logos for each bowl game on the walls surrounding the field. It’s not like either of these things would break the bank, either.
  • And lastly, I will be attending a party this weekend that involves pony rides. The odds of this ending well are not good.

11 Responses

  1. In the spirit of randomness: this headline made me giggle.

  2. I hate anyone, who ever had a pony….

  3. Transvestite prostitutes are obviously not an issue. At least if your name is Ronaldo. Any chance you’d be able to get away with the same thing if there was a “Cristiano” in front of that? Then again, he’s too pretty for prostitutes. God I hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

  4. Go Cowboy up with the “Ponies”

    You WILL need Chaps.

  5. I predict that the new three point line will spur a lot of court changes across the country. Instead of moving the line back 12 inches, why not move it back 10? That’s what is used in international competition and there is really no difference to the shooter. It just makes things less complicated.

  6. Honestly I would rather have Boss Hogg Garrison get caught with half a dozen transvestite prostitutes (dead or alive) than giving away free degrees to politicos.

    The new 3 point line should be very good for Huggins’ motion system in my opinion and should fucking HOSE beilein.

  7. Great site! Love the attitude.

    Let’s Go Mountaineers. F Rod IMO

  8. Alright bitches I’m at a library somewhere in South Carolina and miss the hell out of WV already. I won’t have internet access at my apartment until late next week so no posts from me but that isn’t anything new. From what I’ve read today I’m happy about the steady progress of Mountaineer sports.

    I agree with Charley’s opinion of the court. Simple with an outline of the state at midcourt. I’m going to the beach…

  9. I actually didn’t mind the court once they got rid of the yellow basketballs as the top of the key.

    Personally, I would prefer a court like UNC, with the state in blue at midcourt with a gold flying WV inside it, and then either with the paint filled in or plain.

  10. The Heather Bresch story is the most embarassing event to hit WVU in a long time. The fact that the President of the university is a long time friend does nothing for him. Although he didn’t have direct ties to the degree distribution, he is culpable for the events that took place under his watch. This will also sadly affect the Rich Rodriguez case and probably cause this case to “quietly” go away w/ a settlement, which is the worst case scenario for WVU……..I commend the Post-Gazette for exposing the “good ol’ boy” granting of an MBA at my alma mater. Such an act is a slap in the face to those who completed the arduous program in a respectable manner….by earning it.

  11. Here’s to a pony-sized kick in the teeth. SALUTE!

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