God, I Love The Internet

…and not in a Chris Hansen kind of way, either. But then again, I am looking at high schoolers’ MySpace pages, so I guess it’s pretty close.

These are screenshots from Caleb Porzel’s MySpace profile. Gee, I wonder what school he’ll be committing to?

Note: Here’s his Scout profile.


7 Responses

  1. There are rumors from often wrong sources in Charleston that Porzel and Xavier Rhodes out of Florida may have commited over the weekend.

  2. Please tell me you refrained from adding him as a friend.

  3. Isn’t it refreshing to have a program that attracts big talent. This kid is a fan of Noel and WVU. He’s coming to Morgantown!!!

  4. Hope he can bring his teammate to WVU with him (if he is indeed going to commit). Some kid named Jelani Jenkins, I hear he might be decent.

  5. Jenkins is a big talent. Porzel is a 3 * but would excel in our system.

  6. Does anyone know where i can view the Rich Rodriguez espn interview? Not sure what day it was, i heard maybe Friday or Saturday

  7. Jenkins is rated the 10th best player in the country, he is an absolute animal.

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