Devin Ebanks Commits to Mountaineers

…or in other words, our recruiting class just went from top 25 to top 10.

If (and hopefully when) Joe Alexander returns for his senior season, CBH will have some tough decisions on coming up with a starting lineup.  That lineup, whatever he decides, will include Devin Ebanks.

We will have more on this come Monday morning…


7 Responses

  1. Holy Crap this is great.

  2. I thinking

    F Ebanks
    F Alexander
    F Butler
    G Ruoff
    G Mazulla

    C/F Smith
    F Kevin Jones
    F John Flowers
    G Truck Bryant

    That looks like a pretty solid team. With the overload of fowards, I’ll bet Butler ends up playing a good bit of 2.

    Also, I think Alexander will stay in the draft. The fact that he is only doing private workouts, Ebanks signing, and his draft stock soaring so high on 8 sensational games, I just he’ll go. Also, I’m a pessimist.

    If he stays….wow, we should be awesome.

  3. Good news.

    Anybody else see Randy Moss sporting the Flying WV at the Celts-Cavs game?

  4. This is going to be great…..hope Alexander stays, just to say thanks for Huggins coming. Really, would Joe be in the shape he is in with Beilein?

    Lets make Mr. Ebanks feel welcome, drop off some Pepperoni roles. Maybe a box of Gene’s Dogs to boot.

    Greatest news of the last month.

  5. I didn’t see Moss wearing the WVU hat but if ol’Chucky Landon saw it you can guarantee he will write about this week.

    Ebanks will make an instant impact with his huge wing span and silky smooth jump shot. I may not be in Morgantown but I will drive to watch this team play.

  6. I think Ebanks could play the 2 if need be. I see him as more of a 2 than Butler.

  7. Man this is great news! Ebanks makes this team a legit Big East Title and Final Four contender.

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