Enough With The No-Name Recruits

Seriously, when is CBH going to start earning his money and recruit real players to Morgantown? Maybe it’s not possible, considering Beilein said it couldn’t be done.

Oh. Nevermind.

Devin Ebanks, a top 25 player (or top 10, depending on who you ask), has committed to the Mountaineers. Outside of guys like West and Hundley — don’t let me hear you say Hargett — Ebanks is the most heralded recruit to ever sign with the Mountaineers.

The comparisons on Ebanks are staggering.

Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant? Check.

“To me, he’s like a Rudy Gay or a Kevin Durant,” said AAU coach Lawrence McGuggins. “He’s just a very skilled player who causes problems with his size and his ability.”

Scottie Pippen? Check.

Carmelo Anthony?

Not quite yet.

Besides playing in some gyms that most resemble my basement, Ebanks’ game looks silky smooth. He is a fantastic ball handler, both slippery off the dribble and without the ball. His jump shooting is also a huge strength, with range extending past the perimeter. And oh yeah, he can jump.

Both his dunking and shot-blocking look effortless, two qualities that instantly recall his (hopeful) teammate, Joe Alexander. Considering his wingspan is over 7’0″, he has the athleticism and length to play between the 2 and 4 in college.

That will allow CBH a great deal of lineup flexibility. Lineups that could look something like this:

With Alexander:

  1. Mazzulla
  2. Ruoff
  3. Butler
  4. Ebanks
  5. Alexander

Without Alexander:

  1. Mazzulla
  2. Ruoff
  3. Butler
  4. Ebanks
  5. Smith

5 Responses

  1. Since this happened, I’ve got that warm fuzzy tingly feeling in my stomach. Some might say I’m even giddy.

  2. He’s already got the Desean spin cycle down to a T

  3. I haven’t seen “slippery” be so perfectly used since the George Washington High School girls swim team wore shirts that said ‘slippery when wet.’

    Also, having yet to watch the videos, I hope the gyms don’t resemble the basement of your former renegade home on Johnson Road. (i.e. drug busts, deaths etc.)

  4. This dude is a scoring machine. What are the odds that he’s not one-and-done?

  5. Everything I’ve heard points to two-and-done, but that’s before he ever steps foot on campus. If he’s one-and-done, so be it, just as long as he’s properly prepared for the league.

    As much as we want to see Alexander stay, seeing a WVU basketball lottery pick is worth more to the program in the long run than just one more year.

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