Highlight Tape Smorgasbord (RBs)

When it comes to recruiting, its easy to fall into the trap of believing the hype/star system of whichever service you’re reading at that moment. 7 stars this, 3.9 second 40 that. In the end, it’s not worth too much — just ask Osa Nosa (or me, who will bitch about Osa Nosa).

Instead, why not just decide for yourself? It’s your turn to play scout. After all, if Tony Gibson can do it, any idiot can. So here is a sampling of highlight tapes from some of the higher rated (oh no: hype!) running backs WVU is currently recruiting.

Note: If you can find a video of Desmond Scott, post it in the comments.


7 Responses

  1. Say what you will about Tony Gibson, his wife is smokin.

  2. His “wife” has a penis and testicles.

  3. Allegedly.

  4. Let it be known that Tavon Austin is Mike’s “Most Coveted Recruit that WVU Has a Legitimate Shot With At this Point.” I love what this kid does on the football field.

  5. Austin is great, but I worry about his size… Devine is short but powerfully built. Austin is 5’9″ 155!

  6. I like Jaamal Berry. The kid can flat out FLY.

    Although we really can’ t go wrong with any of them.

    Unless, of course, they turn out to be a head case.

  7. I like that Jaamal Berry Kid. Good size, great vision and great speed.

    He is also playing in Miami against great competition. Who else is recruiting this kid? Obviously all the Florida schools, but is anybody from the big ten or big east on this guy?

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