Our Long University Nightmare Is Over


5 Responses

  1. West Fairmont High School: 4th loss in the AAA State Baseball Championship Game in the last 6 years (got 10-run, mercy-ruled in FIVE innings) and an alumni resigns in disgrace from the presidency of the flagship university for the state… all in the same week.

    Is West Fairmont the worst high school in the nation or just WV?

  2. When you ride on the East side you ride for life son.

    You West Fairmont bitches better check yourself and watch your damn step.

  3. It’s about time.

  4. Ruoff was receiving individual coaching from West on the floor before Friday’s first Huggs Camp scrimmages. The 3.8 history major could earned his bachelor’s degree this summer, but instead is spacing his final hours out in order to remain eligible.

    This summer, the ESPN Academic All-American is enrolled in lifeguarding, introduction to basketball and billiards.

  5. I just discovered your awesome blog. Bookmarked! By the way, interesting choice of photo.

    Visit my blog for an exclusive video of students responding to Garrison: Cheating is bad, Mr. Garrison, mmkay?

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