I Don’t Care Who You Are, This Is Funny

Courtesy of MGoblog … who’s self-esteem is so low he has to ask for a link from this site.


16 Responses

  1. that woman right in front of him, in the crouch, i mean, WOW, could she get any hotter?

    i think rod is starring at her boobs as well.

  2. Wow, Rita’s really packed on some pounds!

  3. I think he’s trying to fill some of those gaps left by the team’s defectors…nice recruiting touch Rich!

  4. how about a link? manners, manners.

  5. She looks like she’s taking a big dump!

  6. 1. Rich Rod is a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can’t look away.

    2. It looks like they are either summo wrestling or all just ate some ill-fated Taco bell.

    3. It’s still weird to see Beilein and Rich Rod and all their staffs wearing maize and blue.

  7. Holy crap. The 25314 made a Seinfeld reference from Season 3. I thought your range was only 8 and 9.

    Welcome to the big time of irrelevant humor.

  8. Fat woman: OMG hairplugs!!!

  9. …despite being picked last in the Big Ten, Coach Rodriguez thinks his new offensive line may surprise a few this year.

  10. “Fans react to Rich Rod’s announcement that he has taken over the vendors’ menus in the stadium and he is now offering two kinds of hot dog sauce.”

  11. Psst… “whose.”

    If you’re going to be snippy, at least spell it right. 😉

  12. Wider, wider, WIDER!!

    University of Michigan Blow Job Camp.

  13. If you look over the shoulder of the Sumo wrestler who somehow came up with a woman’s disguise so he could meet Rich Rod, you see a woman with a Blue Michigan hat on.
    Maybe it’s the group she’s with, but she looks pretty good. Was she a plant? Did they put her in the photo to make Michigan look better, or is she some die hard football chick who wanted to show off to her boyfriend and her girlfriend that she only dabbles with, but just as curious friends.

    Or is my mind completely gone?

  14. How do we get Khloe Kardashian in the related posts without even a textual mention of the big woman in the picture? That related posts software is some scary stuff.

  15. Where is the woman’s soccer coach?

  16. I see Coach Rod is going for the shape up? What’s up with the sideburns?

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