Hindsight: Hot Damn What A Fantastic Decision

As far as I am concerned, Coach Stew is already 1-0 on the season (2-0 if you count Villanova, 3-0 if you count Syracuse). Why? Because he chose to not to renew redshirt-freshman Kendall Washington’s scholarship. Sure, back in May, it was a decision that didn’t seem all that consequential to anything, save for maybe our depth at wide receiver. But today, that decision is proving just a tad more valuable.

The man told police the masked robber came to his bedroom as he slept, demanded money and jewelry, then shot him twice.

The victim couldn’t see the gunman’s face, but city police have charged former St. Thomas Aquinas High School football star Kendall M. Washington with aggravated robbery and felonious assault. A grand jury now will take a look at the evidence to see if he should stand trial.

I think I speak for all West Virginia fans when I say, “WHEW!” That was certainly a close one. Either Stew is a fantastic judge of character or he has finally developed a reliable means of time travel. Personally, my bet is on time travel, which should make play-calling much, much easier this year.

Also, thankfully, our Fulmer Cup rep should be saved upon reconsideration.

29 Days!

They are fast!

This is going to be a long month of waiting for opening kick-off. At least camp is about ready to open, so get ready for us to start over analyzing the defensive depth chart. Also, WVU landed Nick Kindler an offensive lineman from PA. The Daily Mail says he has a “mean streak.”


Stargate 2008

Oh my

The title of this article does not reflect my love for science fiction movies that are eventually made into TV shows. No, no, and no. Rather, it is in reference to our recruiting haul so far this season. While we have not been scoring 5 star guys like Heastie and Boyd, the depth and potential we are collecting is unheard of for WVU at this point. We willland at least 4 more 4 or 5 star guys by signing day.

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Hump Day Is Back In Town, Bitches

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Hump day is nothing without WBGV and WBGV is nothing without hump day. So, without further ado, I give you some of the hottest ass in college football, as introduced by Big Gay Al.

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OK, Now Can We Fire Greg Van Zant? Seriously, Please? Anybody Listening?

You can be the most diehard of Mountaineer fan and still hate Greg Van Zant. I certainly do. The man is a waste of human existence, which wouldn’t be so bad if he worked at Jiffy Lube. Unfortunately, he has just a slightly more high-profile job: head coach of Mountaineer baseball.

But as much as I hate him, I had given up hope of seeing him fired from his job. I just figured he would keep missing the NCAA Tournament for another 30 years until he finally croaked and we had to bury him behind Hawley Field.

Well, today, my hope is restored. And, of course, leave it to our savior Pat White to do the restoring.

Asked if he had spoken directly with Van Zant about playing for him, White said: “(No), he wasn’t (excited). He wasn’t interested.”

Then he paused and added:

“In my knoweldge of West Virginia baseball, there’s not been many players of my race on his team. He’s not too high on it.

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Mountaineer Sports Is My Viagra!


Everybody panic! Oh, my God, WBGV is back on the college football blog scene! They will take no prisoners and kill everyone who does not play with heart! Your reward for playing well will be escaping this deathtrap with your life! If you have a small child, use it as a shield! They love the tender meat! Cover your sodas! 5th Year loves sugar!

I had high hopes for that introduction, but I just couldn’t pull it together, so I moved on. “That football feeling” has been in me since I moved south. It is almost impossible not to have “that football feeling” in SEC country. You turn on sports talk radio and it is all you hear. Carolina this, Climpsin that. And the SEC is the best at everything, especially being too gay to function.

SEC country reminds me of Communist North Korea: they indoctrinate everyone with constant talk and I even think they add hormones to the drinking water.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back and get ready, this will be a good season. Only 31 days away!

Get Your Shit Ready, We’re Back

Seriously, we’re back. No, really. Back. As in posting again, trying to make people laugh (emphasis on trying).

We’re a month away from football season, and finally we have that football feeling again. By the way, “that football feeling” is very much like the feeling you get leaving the bar with a fine young coed, minus the lingering burning sensation during urination. So, we’re going to dust off The 25314 and 5th Year Senior, get them all hopped up on Mountain Dew and Quaaludes, and see what happens. I’m warning you, hijinx could ensue.