Get Your Shit Ready, We’re Back

Seriously, we’re back. No, really. Back. As in posting again, trying to make people laugh (emphasis on trying).

We’re a month away from football season, and finally we have that football feeling again. By the way, “that football feeling” is very much like the feeling you get leaving the bar with a fine young coed, minus the lingering burning sensation during urination. So, we’re going to dust off The 25314 and 5th Year Senior, get them all hopped up on Mountain Dew and Quaaludes, and see what happens. I’m warning you, hijinx could ensue.


8 Responses

  1. Welcome back

  2. Finally! I’m looking forward to another season of your blog! Great stuff 🙂

    Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!!!!!!

  3. WooHooooo!! It’s almost couch burning season bitches!!

  4. You made my day!!! Can’t wait to read WBGV this season!

  5. Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do…..WIN THE WHOLE FUCKIN’ THING

  6. What? No inflatable helmet or smoke?? You call this an entrance?!?!?

  7. Maybe a gong? Oh, wait…that’s just on 3rd downs

  8. Glad to see you back! And to Rich, cut the guys a break. They haven’t even started drinking yet! 🙂

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